How can my school get our students’ AP scores on labels to put on transcripts or other records?

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High schools can order their students’ AP score labels, for a fee, through AP Registration and Ordering. Go to the Orders page and then click Score Reporting Services. See details on fees and deadlines in the table below.

Score Reporting Service


Order Deadline

Shipping Date

AP Score Labels*
This set includes one pressure-sensitive label for each AP student, detailing the student’s name, birth date, the AP Exams taken, the years in which the exams were taken, and the corresponding AP Exam scores.

$100/per set

May 15, 2021 (11:59 p.m. ET)


* By law, only students have the right to forward their AP scores to colleges and universities. To maintain student privacy and the confidentiality of AP scores, schools should use caution in affixing AP score labels to transcripts or other records that will be sent to these institutions. Affixing score labels to transcripts can result in a violation of students’ rights and opens the door to a potential lawsuit. To avoid this possibility, College Board and ETS strongly suggest that schools institute one of the following procedures:

  • Affix the AP score label to the back of the transcript and copy only the front of the transcript when sending it to colleges.
  • Have students sign a release permitting the school to put the score label on the front of the transcript. Keep the signed releases with students’ files.