Learning Opportunities for AP Coordinators

The latest training and professional development opportunities and resources for AP coordinators.

Connect with AP Coordinators

Coordinated Podcast

Hear the personal and professional life lessons of AP coordinators across the world. Host and former AP coordinator Derek Kameda engages in meaningful conversation as these superstars in the world of education share what they’ve learned about themselves, their AP programs, tips to success, and what it means to be Coordinated.

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Join the AP Community

Connect online with colleagues, participate in discussions with experts, and share classroom-ready materials.

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Ongoing Support

Chat with a Coordinator

Schedule a video chat with an experienced AP coordinator in this series offering real-time support. Join a session to review best practices, collaborate with peers, and share lessons learned. Prepare for the AP Exam administration with sessions starting in February 2023.

Back-to-School Workshop Video

Learn about many of the updates for the 2022-23 school year and check back on the steps to successfully submitting your AP Exam order. View helpful demonstrations in AP Registration and Ordering, and hear tips for efficiencies and key reminders along the way. 


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