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Explore these free online resources to help your students learn and practice all year.

What Is AP Classroom?

AP Classroom is an online platform that provides flexible instructional resources for each AP course to support student learning of all course content and skills. Explore new features and the resources available to you.

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AP Classroom Support

AP Classroom offers helpful instructions and tips for how to use each of these resources.

Unit Guides

Explore course unit guides to get both an overview and a deep dive of the content and skills covered on the AP Exam, plus suggestions for pacing, sequencing, and instructional activities. 

Discover How AP Courses Are Structured

AP Daily Videos

Assign these short, on-demand videos led by experienced AP teachers to help students understand essential course concepts. 

Learn How to Use AP Daily Videos

Topic Questions

Check student understanding as you teach each course topic by assigning these formative assessment questions.  

Learn How to Assign Topic Questions

Progress Checks

Periodically gauge student understanding of course topics and skills by assigning these multiple-choice and free-response formative assessments by unit.

Learn How to Assign Progress Checks

Question Bank

Create custom assessments and practice assignments using a searchable database of real AP questions indexed by course content and skills. 

Learn How to Use the Question Bank

Resources & Assignments

Manage all videos, progress checks, custom assessments, and practice exams—including using labels and sharing quizzes—whether you’ve assigned them or not.

Learn How to Manage Resources & Assignments


See different views of student performance to analyze both class-level and individual assignment results and progress toward learning all course content and skills. 

Learn How to Review Your Reports

AP Classroom Guides and Tutorials

How to Get Started

Access AP Classroom to start using the resources.

Sign In to AP Classroom

If you’re teaching an AP class for the first time, your AP Course Audit form must first be submitted and approved.

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Get Your Join Codes

Each AP class section that you teach has a unique join code that allows your students to join the class in AP Classroom.

Get Started with Join Codes

Create Class Sections

Create class sections before school begins so students can join on the first day and you can start setting up assignments.

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