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Whether you’re teaching in person or online, these free, flexible online resources can keep your class on pace throughout the year.

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AP Classroom is constantly updating thanks to feedback from educators and students.

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Unit Guides

Unit guides feature an outline of the exam, pacing suggestions, and unit weighting to highlight topics with the biggest impact.

Unit guides include:

  • An outline of the exact content and skills covered on the exam
  • Pacing and sequencing suggestions to help you integrate material into your courses
  • Topic pages, which describe the content for each topic
  • Unit weighting to focus instruction on topics that will make the biggest impact
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AP Daily

AP Daily videos are short on-demand videos, led by expert AP teachers, that cover all course content and skills. Assign them to students, saving your limited, direct class time to focus on the areas where students need help the most.

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Topic Questions

Assign formative questions to check student understanding as you teach each topic.

Assign topic questions:

  • Before you teach a topic, to assess prior knowledge
  • While you’re teaching a topic, to get immediate feedback on student learning
  • After you teach a topic, to get data on what students know and are able to do
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Progress Checks

Unlock progress checks to assess student understanding of the topics and skills by unit.

Assessments measure knowledge and skills through:

  • Multiple-choice questions with rationales explaining correct and incorrect answers
  • Free-response questions with scoring information


Teachers may use the class report to develop lesson plans and focus on the topics and skills students should continue practicing. Students get feedback on their answers at the teacher's discretion.

My Reports Screenshot

My Reports

Analyze your students’ results using a gradebook-style view of all your students' assignments.

Recognize achievement and prioritize additional support by:

  • Pinpointing strengths and weaknesses on AP content and skills
  • Charting class and student progress throughout the school year
  • Equipping students to monitor their own progress and take steps to improve
Screen shot of Question Bank

Question Bank

Build quizzes using a searchable database of real AP questions indexed by course content and skills. Use it to create customized practice and tests that you can assign on paper or online.

Use filters and search to find questions that:

  • Align best to the current course and exam
  • Are designed for daily, formative practice
  • Should be reserved for end-of-year, AP Exam practice
  • Are only available to teachers vs. publicly available

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