Get Your Join Codes

Go to AP Classroom

Each AP class section that you teach has a unique join code that allows your students to join the class in AP Classroom and start using the AP Classroom resources. You should share the join code with your students, along with instructions for signing in and joining the class section, on the first day of class.


1. Sign in to your personalized AP online experience.
Use your College Board username and password to sign in.

2. Create a class section if you need to.
If you haven’t created your class section(s) yet, do so now.

3. Find the join code in the course card.
Click View Join Code(s). Your class sections will be listed in the left column and the corresponding join codes will be in the right column.

4. Add more sections if needed.
If you need to create additional class sections, click Go to My Classes. Then click the +Add Section link by the course name and complete the fields in the window that pops up.