Digital AP Exams

Digital AP Exams will be available for select AP subjects in May 2024.

Planning for Digital AP Exams

AP Coordinator Planning Guide

Use this guide to plan for administering digital AP Exams.

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Readiness Webinar

Get answers to your questions about how to prepare for digital AP Exams.

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Digital Exam Readiness Timeline

Use this timeline to plan for your 2024 digital AP Exam administration.

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Introduction to 2024 Digital AP Testing

Watch this video to learn about the exam experience and features of digital AP Exams.

Technology Resources

Use these resources to ensure your school can support digital testing.

Technology Webinar

Learn about the technology that supports digital AP Exams and get answers to technology-related questions.

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Conversation Guide

Connect with IT staff to make sure your school can support digital testing. 

Connect with IT

Technology Overview

Learn the basics of device and network requirements for Bluebook™ testing.

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Update Your Exam Order

Update your exam order in AP Registration and Ordering by the March 15, 2024, deadline.  


Review details about testing accommodations for digital AP Exams. 

Informational Webinars

Planning for a Digital AP Exam Administration

Learn about digital AP Exam policies and procedures for the May 2024 administration.

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Refining Your Teaching Strategies for Digital AP Exams

Hear how an AP teacher refined her instruction and assessment practices to support students taking digital AP Exams.

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Nine AP Exams Go Digital in 2025

See the list of AP Exams that will go fully digital in May 2025.

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