In-School Digital AP Exams: 2022-23

Train proctors, get devices ready, and plan exam day logistics.

Proctoring a Digital AP Exam

Watch this exam day walk-through video for proctors to see Test Day Toolkit and Bluebook™ in action and learn how they work together on exam day.

How to Set Up Test Day Toolkit

Find out how to assign proctors to rooms, make sure they can access the toolkit on exam day, and more. 

Digital AP Exam Guides

Digital AP Exam Webinars

Exam Day Webinar

Register to get an overview of exam day resources, advice from educators, and answers to exam day questions.  

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Technology Webinar

Watch the recording to get an overview of the Bluebook app, device and network requirements, and answers to technology-related questions. 

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Planning the Administration Webinar

Watch the recording to get planning tips for administering digital AP Exams and answers to exam day questions. 

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Informational Webinar

Watch the recording to get an overview of digital AP testing. 

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Technology Overview

Get your devices and networks ready for digital testing.    

A Look Ahead

Find out what digital exam readiness information and resources will be available in 2023.     


Exam Day Resources

Exam day guides and a proctor training video.

MARCH 15, 11:59 P.M. ET

Spring Course Orders and Fall Order Changes Deadline

Deadline to switch exams back to paper (or switch from paper to digital), if needed.



AP Preview Available

Students can preview the testing experience and sample questions for the 7 AP subjects in Bluebook.


Test Day Toolkit Available

AP coordinators can begin to set up Test Day Toolkit and grant access to proctors. 

Taking a Digital AP Exam

Watch the Introduction to Digital AP Testing video to learn about the format and timing of digital exams and explore the features students will use. 

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