How to Get Ready for Exam Day

Follow these steps to prepare for digital AP Exams.

Explore Bluebook Digital Testing


  1. Download and install the Bluebook™ testing app and try a test preview.

    Students and teachers should download and install Bluebook on their device. Once installation is complete, they should sign in with their College Board account to explore sample AP Exam questions and try out the testing tools.

  2. Plan your exam administration.

    Identify proctors, secure exam rooms and supplies, review digital exam accommodations, and communicate logistical details to staff and students.

    Planning resources will be available starting in the fall.

  3. Confirm your school’s technical readiness plan.

    Work with IT staff to check network speed and strength in exam rooms, and confirm when Bluebook will be installed on managed testing devices. 


    Technology Overview for Digital AP Exams

    Review device and network requirements for digital testing.

  4. Train your proctors.

    Use the proctor training resources to walk proctors through exam day logistics and testing procedures. 

    Resources will be available in the spring.

  5. Identify one or more technology monitors.

    Technology monitors will be on-site during the exam to help students resolve simple technical issues.

    Technical troubleshooting information will be available in the spring.

  6. Set up Test Day Toolkit.

    Once you have access to Test Day Toolkit in the spring, sign in, create rooms, assign staff to roles and rooms, and optionally, assign students to rooms.