How to Get Ready for Exam Day

Get ready for your upcoming digital AP Exam administration with new exam day resources.

Explore Bluebook™ Digital Testing


  1. Continue planning your exam administration.

    Identify proctors, secure exam rooms and supplies, and communicate logistical details to staff and students. 

  2. Train your proctors.

    Use the proctor guide and video to walk through exam day and train proctors on testing procedures. 

  3. Identify a technology monitor.

    The technology monitor will be on-site during the exam to help students resolve simple issues using the AP Technical Troubleshooting Guide (available in April). Go to the Technology Monitor section in the AP Coordinator Planning Guide for more information about this role. 

  4. Follow up with IT staff about device and network readiness.

    Check network speed and strength in exam rooms and confirm Bluebook installation. Work with teachers and students to check device readiness. 


    Technology Overview

    Get your devices and networks ready for digital testing.

  5. Set up Test Day Toolkit.

    In early April, you’ll get a Test Day Toolkit access email. After signing in, create rooms, assign staff to roles and rooms, and optionally, assign students to rooms.