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AP Mentoring provides online, teacher-to-teacher support for AP teachers of all experience levels through two programs: AP Mentoring Full-Year, offering 10 mentoring sessions over the course of the school year, and AP Mentoring Spring Support, which offers four sessions in the months before the AP Exam administration.

Enhance your teaching skills and strengthen student performance by connecting with expert AP teachers who have years of instructional experience and deep content knowledge.

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Open to all teachers of AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Literature and Composition, AP U.S. Government and Politics, and AP U.S. History.


How It Works

Mentees choose an available AP mentor in their subject and join that mentor's group of up to four mentees.

Online Meeting

Each group uses an online platform to schedule sessions and share documents, and meets online monthly through video chat.

Teachers enrolled in the Full-Year program complete 10 hour-long sessions over the course of the school year. Teachers enrolled in the Spring Support program complete four hour-long sessions during the spring semester.

Feedback Early and Often

Mentees are active participants. They work with mentors to set goals, analyze and modify their own teaching practice, and share feedback with their fellow mentees.

Reflection Assignment

In between sessions mentees complete a reflection assignment designed to help them apply what they’re learning in the classroom.


Why Enroll in AP Mentoring

Research shows that peer mentoring can be highly effective in supporting teacher's practice when it’s sustained over the course of the school year and provides opportunities for reflection and application.

AP Mentoring enhances your teaching skills by focusing on AP requirements that will improve student performance.

  • Meaningful collaboration with other educators who teach the same AP subject.

  • Personalized feedback that can be applied in the classroom right away.

  • Full-year program only: 2.0 continuing education units (CEUs) for full participation (at least 9 out of 10 sessions plus completion of reflection assignments).

  • Teacher-to-teacher support no matter where you live and work.

  • Supplement skills you learned at an AP Summer Institute or an AP one-day workshop.


AP Mentoring Session Outlines

Take a look at the topics you’ll cover in your AP Mentoring sessions, month-by-month:

AP Computer Science Principles

AP English Literature and Composition

AP U.S. History

AP U.S. Government and Politics

AP Computer Science A


I have learned so much from [my mentor]. I'm already implementing many of the items we spoke about such as applying historical thinking skills, essay writing, focusing on themes and connections, pacing the content and the list goes on.

—AP U.S. History teacher



For AP Mentoring Full-Year, fees cover 10 sessions conducted over the course of the school year. Tiered pricing is available for districts, schools, and teachers. For AP Mentoring Spring Support, fees cover four sessions conducted between January and May.

Teachers interested in participating in our full-year program for the 2021-22 school year may be eligible for a fee-waiver scholarship. Click here to learn more and apply. Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm EDT Friday, May 21, 2021.

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How to Enroll

Registration is now open. 

Program Timeline


AP Mentoring Full-Year

AP Mentoring Spring Support

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September 15

December 31

Sessions begin



Sessions end



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Pay by Credit Card

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Please read the AP Mentoring Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science Principles

AP English Literature & Composition

AP U.S. Government and Politics

AP U.S. History

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Please read the AP Mentoring Terms and Conditions before purchasing.


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