Overview of AP Classroom Resources

AP Classroom provides all-in-one instructional support with resources that can help you plan your course, create practice assignments and custom assessments, and track student results and overall progress. Learn about new features and how each resource can be used to encourage student understanding of course content and skills.

Explore AP Classroom Resources

New Features

AP Classroom resources are regularly updated based on feedback from educators and students. 

The latest updates include: 

  • Functionality for teachers to change assignment settings (e.g., due date, time limit) for individual students on the Assignment Overview page
  • The option for teachers to enable an “Immediate Feedback” mode for assignments with multiple-choice questions  
  • The ability to access AP Daily videos from the Content & Skills Performance report, so teachers can assign them for specific topics where students need additional support 
  • The option to download detailed student results of an individual assignment as a .csv file 
  • The addition of Student IDs to the .csv downloads available for the All Assignments and Progress Checks reports (if students’ AP Profiles include Student IDs)
  • Functionality for teachers to allow students to see assessment results without seeing the questions or correct answers 

AP Classroom Resources

Unit Guides

Unit guides provide both an overview and a deep dive of the content and skills covered on the AP Exam.  

Unit guides include: 

  • The course framework that delineates the exact content and skills covered on the exam  
  • Pacing and sequencing suggestions that account for the spiraling of course skills and the use of all AP Classroom resources 
  • Sample optional instructional activities to help students learn and apply course content and skills 
  • Topic pages that describe the required content for each topic 
  • Unit weighting to focus instruction on topics that will make the biggest impact 

AP Daily Videos

AP Daily videos are led by experienced AP teachers to help students understand essential course concepts. The videos are short and available on-demand. 

Students can watch AP Daily videos: 

  • In class 
  • As homework 
  • For additional practice 
  • As review 

The videos can be used to: 

  • Introduce new content and skills 
  • Complement in-class instruction 
  • Reinforce concepts after class 
  • Review specific topics before the AP Exam

Topic Questions 

Topic questions are formative assessment questions that are assigned to check student understanding of course topics.  

Assign topic questions any time: 

  • Before you teach a topic, to assess prior knowledge 
  • While you’re teaching a topic, to get immediate feedback on student understanding 
  • After you teach a topic, to get data on what students know and are able to do 

Topic questions can be used as: 

  • Warm-up questions 
  • Homework exercises 
  • Exit ticket questions 
  • Quick assessments after watching AP Daily videos 
  • Another way to help you identify and target student misunderstandings 

Progress Checks 

Progress checks are unit-level formative assessments that are assigned to gauge student understanding of all topics and skills. 

Assessments measure knowledge and skills through: 

  • Multiple-choice questions with rationales that explain correct and incorrect answers 
  • Free-response questions with scoring guidelines 

You can use the Progress Checks report to identify the topics and skills students should continue practicing. Students can also get feedback on their responses through the question rationales and scoring guidelines at their teacher’s discretion.

Question Bank

The question bank allows you to create practice assignments and custom assessments using a searchable database of real AP questions indexed by course content and skills. 

Use filters and the search feature to find questions that: 

  • Are relevant to the content and skills you’re currently teaching 
  • Are of a specific type, including question type and stimulus type 
  • Align best to the current course and exam 
  • Are designed for daily, formative practice 
  • Should be reserved for end-of-year AP Exam practice 
  • Are publicly available vs. from official AP Practice Exams that should be kept secure  

Resources & Assignments

The Resources & Assignments section helps you manage all videos, progress checks, custom assessments, practice exams, and course-specific PDF resources—including using labels and sharing quizzes—whether you’ve assigned them or not. 

Assignment options include: 

  • Reassigning assessments to entire class sections, groups of students, or individual students 
  • Scoring free-response questions 
  • Enabling student self-scoring for assignments with free-response questions 
  • “Unsubmitting” student assignments so they can continue working or provide responses for questions they left blank 
  • Adjusting start and due dates, and marking assignments as complete 
  • Changing the assignment format, from online to paper or vice versa
  • Generating answer sheets to support automated scoring of multiple-choice questions and online teacher scoring of free-response questions for paper assessments
  • Using labels to organize resources and assignments in ways that work best for you and your students, including creating groups of assignments or learning modules 

Other options include: 

  • Viewing all available course resources from the All Resources page  
  • Filtering the All Resources page by Assigned and Unassigned resources 
  • Sharing quizzes with other AP Classroom teachers  

In their Assignments section, students can:

  • View and sort active and upcoming assignments by start and due date
  • Search for assignments by title
  • Filter assignments by resource type
  • Score free-response questions on assignments you have set for students to self-score
  • View results of completed assignments


The Reports section provides different views, or reports, of student performance so you can analyze both class-level and individual assignment results and progress toward learning all course content and skills. 

The All Assignments report: 

  • Shows results for every assignment teachers have created or assigned throughout the year 
  • Can be viewed by class section or for an individual student within that section 
  • Displays class averages on assignments by percentage and points earned 
  • Can be exported to a .csv file 
  • Links to a Results Overview for each assessment, which includes a more in-depth view of an assessment’s results, such as:
    • Average time spent on each question for the class, as well as exact time spent for each individual student 
    • Distribution of multiple-choice response selections for each question across all students, including the most common distractor 
    • Overall class performance on each question 
    • A Content & Skills Performance dashboard specific to the assessment, with the ability to show student performance by key course components—including topic, skill, and other course-specific options 

The Progress Checks report: 

  • Shows results for every progress check for every unit of the course 
  • Displays the results for the multiple-choice and free-response sections on different tabs 
  • Can be viewed by class section or for an individual student within that section; can also compare performance across class sections 
  • Shows longitudinal progress across the course 
  • Displays class averages on assignments by points earned 
  • Links to a more in-depth view of a progress check’s results 
  • Can be exported to a .csv file 

The Content & Skills Performance report: 

  • Shows a running performance snapshot by different course components—such as topics, skills, and units—to help teachers identify where students may need additional support 
  • Can be viewed by class section or for an individual student within that section 
  • Can be viewed for the entire school year or a specific date range 
  • Can display a detailed list of the data that contributes to student and class performance on a certain course component—including the number of questions and specific assignments that covered the course component

AP Classroom Help Menu (“?”) 

The Help menu, indicated by the “?” icon in the upper right corner of the AP Classroom home page, supports teachers’ efforts to stay updated on all AP Classroom features and resources throughout the school year. The menu includes: 

  • Videos and screen tours of key features related to the page currently displayed 
  • Complete AP Classroom Help Guides—for both teachers and students—that provide a list of recent updates by date, overview videos about the platform and specific features, and annotated screenshots to help teachers navigate specific pages 
  • A “Contact Us” option to report technical issues, ask questions about specific resources, and request new AP Classroom enhancements