What if a student wants to take two or more exams that are scheduled at the same time?

When we create the AP Exam schedule, we only schedule two exams concurrently for subjects that typically have low overlap in student enrollment. Occasionally a student wants to take two AP Exams scheduled for the same time period. In such cases, the student must take one of these exams by testing late with an alternate form of the exam.

If a student is registered to take more than one regularly scheduled AP Exam at the same time, you’ll see an alert (a bell icon) next to the conflicting exams for the student in the student roster in AP Registration and Ordering. You may switch one of the student’s conflicting exams to late testing. See How do I request late testing?

Note: AP Registration and Ordering doesn’t prevent an order from being submitted for two conflicting exams for a student.

A filter option also enables you to easily find students who have two exams scheduled at the same time.

To use the filter: