I have unused regularly scheduled exams that I replaced with alternate exams for late testing. How do I indicate this?

You may have exams that are unused because a student who originally planned to take an exam during the regularly scheduled exam administration had to switch to the late-testing exam administration after you received your exam shipment. In this case, you’ll adjust the exam for the student in AP Registration and Ordering.

There are specific steps to take in AP Registration and Ordering in this scenario:

  1. Go to the student roster in AP Registration and Ordering.
  2. Make sure the student’s Order Exam? status is Yes for any exams that need to be switched from regular to late testing.
  3. Switch the exam date for the applicable exams and students from Standard to Late. When you do this, the regularly scheduled exam will automatically be marked as unused, and a new row will appear for the student reflecting the late-testing exam that they’re switching to.

Note: If a student doesn’t take a regularly scheduled exam that was ordered for them, only switch the student’s exam date to Late when you’re certain the student will be taking the exam during the late-testing exam administration. If the student isn’t taking the exam during the late-testing exam administration, you’ll need to mark the student’s exam as unused; see How do I indicate unused exams?