How do I order exams for homeschooled students, independent study students, or students from other schools?

Parents and students cannot order AP Exams directly. The AP Program encourages AP coordinators to assist homeschooled students, independent study students, and students whose schools don’t offer AP Exams.

If your school agrees to order and administer exams to these students:

  • Inform the students of your school’s ordering deadline.
  • Create an exam only section for each exam subject being taken at your school by a homeschooled student, independent study student, or student from another school. See How do I create an exam only section?
  • Provide the join code for the exam only section to the student, so the student can enroll in the section in My AP. Only the AP coordinator can create and provide the join code for an exam only section. See How do I find the join code for a class section or exam only section?
  • Review the student’s information in your exam roster and order the necessary exams.
  • Inform students when and where to take exams.
  • Plan to collect and submit their exam fees with those from your school.