How do I adjust my order for a student who transfers out of my school?

If a student transfers out of your school, the AP coordinator needs to indicate them as transfer out in AP Registration and Ordering to remove them from the exam order and remove that student’s exam fees from the final invoice.

  • Go to the Students page in AP Registration and Ordering.
  • Select Transfer Out from the Actions drop-down list next to the student’s name. This automatically removes the student from all sections they enrolled in and from your exam roster.

If you’ve already submitted your exam order, you need to set the student’s status to Transfer Out and submit your pending order change so the student’s exam(s) will be removed from your school’s exam order and your invoice will be updated. See How do I submit a change to my initial order?

Note: Being able to indicate a student as transfer out isn’t dependent on the student’s new school enrolling them as transfer in. An AP coordinator can select Transfer Out in AP Registration and Ordering for a student as soon as they have officially transferred out of their school.