How do I order exams for students who need testing accommodations?

This information is for AP coordinators:

If a student needs accommodations that don’t require a special exam format or material—for instance, extended time—you’ll order the exam online as you would other AP Exams.

Some students may need special exam formats or materials, such as braille, ATC, large-print, etc. In this case, indicate special exam formats or materials based on a student’s approved or expected accommodations in AP Registration and Ordering before submitting your exam order by November 15. You’ll be able to update an existing exam order for any student whose accommodations approval status changes after November 15 without incurring an additional fee. However, if you add a new exam order for a student after the November 15 final ordering deadline, a $40 late order fee will apply for each added exam.

If the student requires special format exam materials and/or multiple-day testing, indicate this in AP Registration and Ordering before you submit your exam order.

  1. Go to the Students page.
  2. Click a student’s name to go to their Student Details page.
  3. Click Special Exam Materials next to the exam subject for which the student has approved or expected accommodations.
  4. Indicate the material or format needed for the student. Remember: Only indicate special exam formats or materials; don’t indicate other types of accommodations. Materials/Formats that can be indicated:
    • Printed scripts for the listening, certain writing, and speaking/sight-singing parts of AP Exams in French, German, Italian, Spanish Language and Culture, Spanish Literature and Culture, or Music Theory
    • A reader copy of an exam
    • Multiple-day testing
    • Braille and 14- or 20-point large-print exams, and large-block answer sheets
    • Large-print formats other than 14- or 20-point formats
    • Assistive technology–compatible (ATC) format exams (not available for Music Theory or world language and culture exams)