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SchoolPay is a Participating Provider. Visit the SchoolPay product website for more information.

Facts and Features

  • Available On: Desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection; all systems and browsers are supported
  • Payment Types Accepted: Credit cards, e-check, recording of in-person payments
  • Import Capabilities: SIS integrations
  • Account Requirements: No account needed, guest checkout available for payments
  • Customer Service: Email support; live toll-free phone support line available Monday – Friday 7am-8pm ET

Frequently Asked Questions for AP Coordinators

Schools that use SchoolPay today for AP Exam payments typically simply run an item report as the foundation of their reconciliation. The item report shows each payment for each exam.

SchoolPay integrates with many SIS today. Fees (including AP Exam Fees) that get generated in the SIS can automatically appear in SchoolPay. When the fee is paid the SIS can also be automatically updated.

SchoolPay customers will typically notify parents that AP Exam fees are ready to be paid and a link is included in this communication (PDF flyer, email, website, etc.) The link takes the parent to the AP Exam Fee Payment Items in a Guest Checkout mode (no registration required by parent). Parents add the exams they need to pay for to their cart, then checkout.

In addition to email support, SchoolPay staffs a toll-free support line Monday – Friday 7 am ET to 8 pm ET.

AP coordinators will have a custom training video and how-to guides from SchoolPay that guide them through:

  1. Account Set-up
  2. Building their Payment Items
  3. Taking Payment
  4. Issuing Refunds
  5. Running Reports

In our experience these are the core functions that AP coordinators will need to know.  In addition to a number of videos and other tools, live support is available Monday – Friday 7 am ET to 8 pm ET.

Collected exam fees are deposited automatically to the designated school (or district) bank account two days after the payment is made. SchoolPay never holds the fees.

Yes, SchoolPay is quite customizable and will support any fee structure the school or district requests. One-time payments, installment payments, custom fees based on student status, etc. Even zero fee being collected—it’s just a simple registration.

The SchoolPay system accepts payment via VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and electronic check.

The SchoolPay data and privacy policy dictates that data will be stored in a secure manner and will only be used to facilitate the service. There is no other permitted use of data. The data is stored encrypted behind multiple firewalls.

For AP payments, the service has no fee other than transaction fees. The transaction fee for AP Exam payments is 3.99%. SchoolPay allows the school to determine if they will be passing the fee (in the form of a convenience fee) to the payer, paying the fee, or something in between.