Managing Fee Collection

Payment is due to College Board by June 15 (postmark deadline)—not at the time of ordering. Schools determine how and when to collect and track exam payment.

As you approach your fee collection planning this year, consider how your school and district plan on collecting other school fees, how you track payments, and how you’ll issue refunds if any students cancel their exams.

Communicating your school’s fee collection policies with students and parents early in the school year is important—particularly if your school’s policy is changing this year.

  • The deadline for the AP coordinator to indicate students who are eligible for the College Board fee reduction is April 30, 2024. Learn more about AP Exam fee reductions.
  • You may want to reach out to AP coordinators on the AP Coordinator Community to hear about what other schools are planning to do this year for fee collection.

AP Exam Fee Collection Providers Program

College Board has worked with providers of payment-related services to gather information to help you plan your exam fee collection process. Learn more about the AP Exam fee collection providers program and review information about payment providers who may be able to assist you in developing an exam fee collection process that fits your school.