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MySchoolBucks is a Participating Provider. Visit the MySchoolBucks product website for more information.

Facts and Features

  • Available On: Desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection; iOS and Android apps
  • Payment Types Accepted: Credit cards, debit cards, e-check, recording of in-person payments
  • Import Capabilities: Able to import/export with AP Registration and Ordering
  • Account Requirements: Students and parents must create an account or log in using single sign on (compatible with PowerSchool SIS and other third party identity providers)
  • Customer Service: Phone, email, and online chat

Frequently Asked Questions for AP Coordinators

How can student enrollments and payments be reconciled between your system and the AP Registration and Ordering system?

All AP Exam payments will be directly associated with a specific student, their student ID number, and their unique AP Registration number. Payment details will be captured in MSB payment reports. From there, you can reconcile payments against registrations in the AP Registration and Ordering system to see who has paid, follow up with those who haven’t, and correctly order the specific exams needed.

Do you integrate with my Student Information System (SIS)?

Yes, MySchoolBucks integrates with all Student Information Systems to import appropriate student information—including student name, grade level, school, and parent contact information—into MySchoolBucks for fee-management purposes.

What tools do you have to help manage communication and follow up with students and their families? How are students notified to make a payment?

If you collect fees using School Store, you can easily share a “Pay Express” link to your AP Exam Fee products. This link can be emailed, posted to your website and social media channels, and added as a news announcement in the MSB parent app. Clicking this link will take parents directly to the product with a checkout option. If you collect fees using Student Invoicing, MSB directly emails invoices to parents. Parents with the MSB app will also get a push notification with payment options when the invoice is issued. Invoices can be set up to automatically notify parents with payment reminders and due dates.

What customer support do you offer to students and families?

We provide dedicated customer support specifically for families Monday–Friday from 7 a.m.–7 p.m. ET. Our support options include email, online chat, and toll-free telephone support in English and Spanish.

Additionally, the MySchoolBucks website includes online help, continually updated frequently asked questions, and online video tutorials.

What customer support and training do you offer to schools and AP coordinators?

We provide dedicated support and training to AP coordinators. Our administrative support is available Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–7 p.m. ET via email, chat, and phone. When getting started, you’ll receive dedicated assistance from a Payments Specialist to get everything set up. You will also receive access to our online Learning Center, which includes an extensive training video library. With this, you can learn how to create and manage products and invoices, access reports, and reconcile payments.

How and when do schools receive collected exam fees?

Payments are settled on a daily basis, and are typically electronically deposited in the designated bank account within one business day. MySchoolBucks also supports multiple bank accounts, in the event you need to fund separate accounts based on the type of fee.

Do you support customized exam fees? Do you support payment/installment plans?

Schools may establish their own exam fees, with as many custom fee plans as needed. Fee plans can be configured based on a number of different criteria and demographic details, according to local school policy.

MySchoolBucks supports payment and installment plans and will send payment reminder emails and notifications to parents prior to and on the installment due date. You can set a late fee to be automatically assessed against any missed payments. These settings are all configured at the school level. Parents can also set up automatic payments on installment plans.

What methods of payment do you accept (e.g., credit card, bank account, etc.)? What types of mobile-friendly payment options do you offer?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards and e-checks. Parents may make payments on our website, our mobile app, and in person via our MySchoolBucks Anywhere app, operated by school administrators on an iOS or Android tablet. Cash/check payments may be recorded by an administrator within the MSB website or MySchoolBucks Anywhere app for complete payment tracking and reporting.

How do you keep student and payment data secure and private?

Keeping student and payment data secure is our top priority. MSB is certified as a PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider, the most rigorous security standard for payments providers. MSB and our payment processing platforms utilize strong end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and rigorous key management protocols. We use a defense-in-depth approach to monitor our infrastructure and applications against malicious activity. While PCI standards are designed for payments, we apply that same level of rigorous security to all sensitive data, which is stored securely within our systems, so schools don’t need to store sensitive payment data locally in their own environments.

Our Privacy Policy:

How much does your service cost? Describe your pricing. Please indicate whether you have any one-time setup fees, transaction fees, per student/per exam fees, etc.

Our pricing is clear and straightforward. A simple program fee of 3.95% is assessed with each electronic payment made on the MSB platform. This includes the power and security of MSB, payment processing, setup, training, and ongoing service and support for you and parents.

There are no additional fees or hidden costs. You have the choice to pay the fee or present it to parents for payment.