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RevTrak is a Participating Provider. Visit the RevTrak product website for more information.

Facts and Features

  • Available On: Desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection
  • Payment Types Accepted: Credit cards, debit cards, e-check
  • Import Capabilities: Able to export from and import to other systems
  • Account Requirements: Students and parents must create an account
  • Customer Service: Phone, email, instructional documents

Frequently Asked Questions for AP Coordinators

How can student enrollments and payments be reconciled between your system and the AP Registration and Ordering system?

We offer a variety of preset and customizable reports. They can be exported to PDF, Excel spreadsheet, CSV, and more.

Do you integrate with my Student Information System (SIS)?

Yes. Revtrak integrates with many SIS systems including Skyward, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Tyler, eSchoolPlus, and more.

What tools do you have to help manage communication and follow up with students and their families? How are students notified to make a payment?

Fees can be assigned to students by uploading a list, allowing parents to see their balance owed and make payments on a customized web store. However, our system does not notify students to make a payment.

What customer support do you offer to students and families?

We provide FAQs and customizable instruction documents and will take support phone calls and emails.

What customer support and training do you offer to schools and AP coordinators?

RevTrak provides complimentary training and retraining for staff throughout the life of the agreement.

How and when do schools receive collected exam fees?

Collected fees are directly deposited into the district’s account or multiple accounts and are available 1–3 days later.

Do you support customized exam fees? Do you support payment/installment plans?

Schools can display a student’s balance, and parents can make multiple payments if they would like.

What methods of payment do you accept (e.g., credit card, bank account, etc.)? What types of mobile-friendly payment options do you offer?

We accept debit and credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept ACH and eCheck payments. All payments can be made on a mobile device as well as a desktop or laptop.

How do you keep student and payment data secure and private?

Our cardholder data environment is annually audited to meet our PCI ROC. RevTrak is a Tier 1 (highest level) PCI compliant service provider. Vanco (parent company of RevTrak) is a participating organization in the PCI Security Standards Council.

How much does your service cost? Describe your pricing. Please indicate whether you have any one-time setup fees, transaction fees, per student/per exam fees, etc.

We have no upfront costs or long-term contracts. There is only a low monthly fee and a small percentage charged for online and card present transactions.