APTS (Achievement Point Test Service)

Review key facts and features and this provider’s answers to frequently asked questions below.

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APTS is a Participating Provider. Visit the APTS product website for more information.

Facts and Features

  • Available On: Desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection
  • Payment Types Accepted: Credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, check, money orders
  • Import Capabilities: Able to import student rosters and order details exported from AP Registration and Ordering
  • Account Requirements: No account needed for students and parents to access
  • Customer Service: Live support via email and telephone; email responses receive a response within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions for AP Coordinators

How can student enrollments and payments be reconciled between your system and the AP Registration and Ordering system?

Students/families submit payments online or via mail. Payments are reconciled with the AP Registration and Ordering student roster as well as the school enrollment rosters. Frequent alert reports are provided to the exam coordinators showing unreconciled students as well as potential student data errors.

Do you integrate with my Student Information System (SIS)?

No, APTS does not currently integrate with SIS systems. Our system allows for easy import of data when needed.

What tools do you have to help manage communication and follow up with students and their families? How are students notified to make a payment?

APTS provides each school with a hosted website with school specific policies and more, as well as custom flyers and informational email distribution. In addition, automated email reminders are sent to families whenever a payment is initiated and not completed. Coordinators are able to send out customized email reminders, but automated alerts automatically go out to anyone who has registered for an exam, but not completed the payment process.

What customer support do you offer to students and families?

APTS provides 24-hour support by phone and email to families and students – including weekends. Whether the student has a complex question related to payment, or a first-time high school parent has questions, families can contact APTS through email or speak with our experienced exam coordinator team for support.

What customer support and training do you offer to schools and AP coordinators?

AP coordinators who are APTS clients are assigned an account manager who will provide planning assistance, coaching, and support via email or phone. Coordinators are able to call in or email 24-7 for emergency support via the Coordinator Help Line. All AP coordinators who are APTS clients have access to coordinator coaching with our experienced on-staff AP coordinators, which may include structured training or consultations. For many schools where AP coordinators change frequently, APTS can serve as a knowledge bank.

How and when do schools receive collected exam fees?

Depending on the length of the client school’s payment window, exam fees are either remitted once a month or at the end of the window. A reserve is held until the completion of exams to enable APTS to provide refund processing services to the client school families (in case of cancellations or emergencies) back to their original method of payment. Reserve funds are released the day after the completion of exams along with detailed remittance reports.

Do you support customized exam fees? Do you support payment/installment plans?

Yes, APTS client schools can support a range of customized price points depending on the exam, state subsidies, special funding for groups such as free or reduced-price lunch participants, AVID programs, and more. APTS works with the school coordinator to determine the best approach out of three different payment collection structure options which include deposit payments as well as installment plans. At APTS we find it’s important to ensure that the method of collecting payment matches the school’s culture and needs.

What methods of payment do you accept (e.g., credit card, bank account, etc.)? What types of mobile-friendly payment options do you offer?

APTS currently accepts payment online via credit or debit card, as well as Apple Pay. Families are also able to mail in checks or money orders to our bi-coastal payment processing centers. APTS payment submission is 100% mobile-friendly and is supported on any device with internet access.

How do you keep student and payment data secure and private?

Data is stored via secure remote servers that are constantly monitored. Coordinators are able to access a view-only portal, but edits or changes are possible only through APTS secure staff access. As part of our data safety protocol plan, APTS staff engage in annual HIPAA and FERPA regulation training to ensure that, whether interacting by phone or by email, student data security is always at the forefront. Data is destroyed at the end of each year and never available to marketing organizations.

How much does your service cost? Describe your pricing. Please indicate whether you have any one-time setup fees, transaction fees, per student/per exam fees, etc.

At APTS we have made a commitment to be affordable. APTS service fees range from as little as $1 per exam to $1.80 per exam, depending on the exam type and registration/payment level of complexity. (AP Exams are typically $1.80 per exam processed.) Our annual web maintenance fee is only $15 per school. Transaction fees on online payments are set at a low 3.1% per transaction, and there are no additional transaction fees for mail-in payments—allowing families a choice and flexibility is important!