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RYCOR is a Participating Provider. Visit the RYCOR product website for more information.

Facts and Features

  • Available On: Desktop and mobile devices with an internet connection
  • Payment Types Accepted: Credit cards, debit cards, e-check, recording of in-person payments
  • Import Capabilities: Able to import/export using Excel, CSV, Rich Text Format, and Text files
  • Account Requirements: Students and parents can use SIS login or create a new account
  • Customer Service: Phone, email, support portal, remote desktop, training videos; customized training and support for new users

Frequently Asked Questions for AP Coordinators

RYCOR contains over 30 reports to help AP coordinators gain a bird’s-eye view of their student collections. RYCOR’s student group report lists students enrolled in AP Exams and highlights which students have paid, making for quick reconciliations. AP administrators can know exactly the number of AP Exams to order and automatically notify families who have not paid.

Our system automates the entire fee management process by integrating with leading Student Information Systems such as PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, and Aspen. RYCOR automatically adds or adjusts fees by keeping up to date with all aspects of a student account—from AP class enrollment to free and reduced-price lunch status. By synchronizing with your district’s SIS, student billing becomes personalized and only those school fees specific to each student will be listed for online payment.

RYCOR has a built-in email campaign center that allows school administrators to send out targeted email notifications to groups of students and their families with an email message and the option to attach the student’s account statement.

RYCOR users can send out email blast campaigns to specific groups of students to notify families of new AP Exam fees or past due accounts. Sending personalized statements by email saves countless hours of administrative work and helps families adapt to the new AP Exam fall ordering schedule.

RYCOR works with the school to resolve any payment issues. Though initial requests should be directed to the school’s AP coordinator, RYCOR will work with them if any issues need to be addressed.

School district-designated support contacts may contact RYCOR’s support desk for phone support and email support, and can access training videos. As a part of the implementation, customized training and support are provided to help users get started with RYCOR.

Payments made by parents are deposited into your school’s merchant account at the end of each business day. The merchant account processes credit transactions. Deposits usually take two business days to travel from the merchant account into the district’s bank account.

By synchronizing with your district’s Student Information System, exam fees are customized to each student’s status. RYCOR automatically adjusts amounts for free and reduced-price lunch students and the system is customizable to the unique AP Exam fee process of each school.

RYCOR allows schools to accept online credit card, debit card, ACH and electronic check payments, as well as in-person cash, check, and credit card payments. RYCOR is optimized for the mobile payment experience. Parents, students, and guests can make online payments and complete online registration forms from any tablet, laptop, or phone that has access to the internet.

RYCOR is certified PCI compliant by Trustwave® to process credit card information and uses VeriSign SSL certificates to maintain secure transactions. All student and financial data are housed in state-of-the-art facilities at Cogeco Peer 1, an SSAE 16 Type II and CSAE 3416 certified off-site data center.

There is a one-time implementation and training fee. The setup fee can be as little as $500 to $5000 depending on the complexity of the project and the number of training sessions requested. The annual software as a service cost can either be charged as a per-student flat fee or a flat percentage of total payments collected. The amount of the fee depends on the number of students using the system.