Provider Eligibility Criteria

The AP Exam fee collection providers program is not currently accepting applications for new Participating Providers. If you represent a provider who would like to be considered for inclusion in our provider listing when the next window for new applications opens, please email [email protected] to express your interest. 

To be accepted into the College Board AP Exam fee collection providers program as a Participating Provider, an interested Provider’s application must satisfy all of the following criteria:

  • The application must be complete and comply with package instructions.
  • The potential Provider’s fee collection service must satisfy the following minimum requirements:
    • Be able to accept and record electronic payments, and/or record physical payments (e.g., cash or check)
    • Be able to transfer collected fees to the school or district
    • Be able to provide at least 1 positive client reference from a school, AP coordinator, or other member of the education sector

In addition, the following criteria are evaluated when determining enrollment for a Provider:

  • College Board has not received negative feedback about the Provider’s fee collection service sufficient to merit disqualification.
  • Potential Provider has not demonstrated bad faith, including by falsifying information on its application, or by defaming, falsely disparaging, or circulating inaccurate or misleading information about College Board. These examples are merely illustrative and not comprehensive demonstrations of bad faith.

Upon receipt of an application, College Board reviews the Provider’s responses and may reach out to discuss next steps for program enrollment. At its discretion and to the extent necessary, College Board may actively validate responses.

Providers who satisfy the program criteria as described above will be accepted into the program as Participating Providers.