Accessing the AP Digital Portfolio

AP Art and Design Portfolio Exams are submitted through the AP Digital Portfolio. The AP Digital Portfolio and My AP are directly linked. Both teachers and students log in to the AP Digital Portfolio using the same College Board login information they use to log in to AP Classroom (teachers) or My AP (students).

How to Access the AP Digital Portfolio

  1. Go to and select Educator.
  2. Enter the same College Board login information you use to access AP Classroom.  
  3. Once you’re logged in to the AP Digital Portfolio, you’ll see My 2023-24 Classes. This will show the Art and Design portfolios that you have class sections for.
  4. Select Expand All next to the portfolio type. You’ll then be able to select the class section you’d like to view. 

Note: The screenshot above is an example. You’ll see your current year’s information in the AP Digital Portfolio.  

Access for Students

  1. Students go to and select Student
  2. Students log in with the same College Board login information that they use to access My AP. 
  3. Once they’re logged into the AP Digital Portfolio, students will see all the class sections they’re enrolled in in My AP that require them to upload work through the AP Digital Portfolio. 
    • In addition to Art and Design classes, students use the AP Digital Portfolio for AP Computer Science Principles and AP Capstone (Research, Seminar), so those classes may also appear on a student’s AP Digital Portfolio homepage.
    • Students will see the class sections they’re enrolled in, regardless of their exam order status. Students can upload and submit work for a portfolio even if an AP Exam hasn’t been ordered for them by the AP coordinator. However, work will only be sent to the AP Program for scoring if an AP Exam has been ordered for the student. If a student sees “Not Taking Exam” or “No Selection” under their name on the Class Summary Overview page, they should work with you and the AP coordinator to ensure an AP Exam is ordered for them.   

You’ll learn more about reviewing student work and progress on the next page.