AP Course Pairings

Does your school offer the next course in a sequence of courses or the full pair of companion courses? Whether you’re thinking about teaching or learning, these courses go well together. Note: Additional professional learning may be needed for teachers to move across disciplines.

AP Biology pairs with AP Environmental Science

AP Biology pairs with AP Psychology

AP English Language and Composition* pairs with AP English Literature and Composition*

AP U.S. Government and Politics pairs with AP Macroeconomics

AP English Language and Composition pairs with AP United States History

AP Human Geography pairs with AP Environmental Science

AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based pairs with AP Precalculus

AP Research pairs with AP Statistics

AP Statistics pairs with AP Precalculus

AP Art History pairs with AP World History: Modern

AP Seminar (grade 10 or 11) pairs with AP Research (grade 11 or 12)

AP Seminar (grade 10) pairs with AP English Language and Composition (grade 11), then AP Research (grade 12)

AP Computer Science Principles pairs with AP Computer Science A 

AP Computer Science Principles pairs with AP Precalculus 

Please note that colleges typically will only grant credit for one of the two AP English courses.

See the AP course and exam pages for more details on all AP courses.