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Preparing a wider range of students to succeed in math they’ll encounter in college.

The Power of Precalculus

The Problem

Every year, tens of thousands of American students are derailed by a common obstacle: inadequate preparation for higher-level math. A third of college students spend time and money on remedial math courses that don’t count toward their degrees because they lack sufficient math skills.

The Solution

Precalculus is one of the most powerful math courses in American high schools—taking it increases a student’s likelihood of completing a bachelor’s degree by 155%.

Why Offer AP Precalculus?

The Benefits

  • AP Precalculus gives every student ready for high school precalculus the opportunity to earn college credit and/or placement and stand out to colleges. 
  • Students have access to free, digital learning and practice resources.
  • Teachers can use their existing precalculus textbooks and have access to instructional supports through AP Classroom, as well as professional learning opportunities. 

Informational Webinars

Introducing AP Precalculus

Watch the recording for an overview of the AP Precalculus course.  

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Course Topics and Skills in AP Precalculus

Watch the recording for a walk-through of the course topics and skills. 

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Every student who’s ready for high school precalculus, is ready for AP Precalculus.

The course is designed for every student who’s completed both Geometry and Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3.

Students who are starting Algebra 1 in 9th grade

Students interested in STEM majors and careers will be better prepared to take calculus in college.

Students who are taking Algebra 1 before 9th grade

Students who take AP Precalculus before their senior year will be much better prepared for success in AP Calculus or any subsequent math they may need. 

Students who are interested in non-STEM majors

Students can use a qualifying AP Precalculus Exam score to fulfill a college math requirement and focus on courses most central to their major.

Explore the Course

AP Precalculus

Students acquire and apply mathematical tools in real-world modeling situations in preparation for using these tools in other college-level math and science courses. 

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“AP Precalculus is a well-balanced and meaningful course that will be beneficial for every student regardless of their intended future plans. The content captures the modeling of our dynamic, changing world which can ignite a passion and appreciation for the pursuit of many areas related to mathematics.”

Julie Harrison, Development Committee Member

AP Precalculus Resources

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