AP Precalculus—New for 2023-24

Preparing a wide range of students to succeed in math they'll encounter in college.

The Problem

Every year, tens of thousands of American students are derailed by a common obstacle: inadequate preparation for college math. 

How Will AP Precalculus Make a Difference?

  • Students gain 140 hours of contact time with their instructor.
  • AP Precalculus meets students where they are–in the high school classroom.
  • Many students are galvanized by the opportunity to earn college credit.
  • The AP Precalculus Exam is developed and scored by college professors.
  • AP students tend to see their teachers as coaches and allies.

“AP Precalculus is a well-balanced and meaningful course that will be beneficial for every student regardless of their intended future plans. The content captures the modeling of our dynamic, changing world which can ignite a passion and appreciation for the pursuit of many areas related to mathematics.”

Julie Harrison, Development Committee Member

AP Precalculus will serve three types of high school students

Students starting Algebra 1 in 9th grade

Students interested in STEM majors and careers will be better prepared to take calculus in college.

Students taking Algebra 1 before 9th grade

Students who take AP Precalculus before their senior year will be much better prepared for success in AP Calculus or any subsequent math they may need.

Students interested in non-STEM majors

Students will often be able to use a qualifying AP Precalculus Exam score to fulfill a college math requirement and focus on courses most central to their major.

Two students at the wipe board working together on a mathematic problem

The Course Framework

In AP Precalculus, students explore everyday situations and phenomena using mathematical tools and lenses. The framework focuses on four key units of study that colleges expect students to demonstrate to qualify for credit or placement.

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