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Key Tasks and Deadlines

  • 2021


    Preferred Ordering Deadline

    October 4 is the recommended deadline to confirm and submit your exam order, and ensure student enrollment is complete. You can continue to submit updates until the November 15 final deadline without additional fees.

  • 2021


    Complete the AP Participation Form

    Make sure you’ve submitted the AP Participation Form in AP Registration and Ordering—this needs to be done before you can submit your exam order.

  • 2021


    Student Enrollment

    Make sure all students have joined their class sections or exam only sections. Confirm students’ exam decisions if needed.

  • 2021


    Prepare for Nov. 15

    Review your exam roster and manage student enrollment changes in AP Registration and Ordering to prepare for the November 15 (11:59 p.m. ET) final ordering deadline.

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What to Know

What to Know

Key Information for 2021-22

Review the latest updates for this year.

Exam Schedule

The 2022 exam administration will be in May.

AP Registration and Ordering

Use AP Registration and Ordering to organize and submit your school’s AP Exam order.

Ordering and Fees

Review information about the steps for ordering exams and this year’s exam fees.

Administering Exams

Get the information about the policies and procedures for administering AP Exams.


Resources and Learning Opportunities

For complete information, visit the resource library and the learning opportunities for AP coordinators page.

AP Coordinator Comment Form

We want to hear from you! Please use this form to send us suggestions or comments to help us improve our exam administration procedures. Don’t use this form to send questions or issues.