Important Updates for 2023-24

2024 AP Exam Schedule

  • AP Exams will be administered in schools as paper-and-pencil* exams during the first two weeks of May: May 6–10 and May 13–17.
  • A late-testing window is available May 17–19 if students cannot test during the first two weeks of May.

*As usual, AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams are administered in school on computers.

Review the complete exam schedule.

2024 In-School Digital AP Exams 

For the 2024 AP Exam administration, schools in the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. can choose to give either paper or in-school digital exams (or a combination of paper and in-school digital). Review digital exam details.

We plan to work with schools in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, as well as schools outside the United States, to gauge interest in a potential pilot of 2024 digital AP Exams. Those schools will receive further information later this fall. 

If your school chooses to administer in-school, proctored digital exams in one or more subjects, you should indicate this in AP Registration and Ordering by November 15, 2023. If you’ve indicated digital exams by this date, you’ll be included in readiness activities that begin in early 2024. You can switch students to paper exams after this date, if needed.

AP Exam Fees

The base exam fee is increasing by $1 for the 2024 AP Exams. The base exam fees are:

  • $98 per exam at schools in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and all DoDEA schools
  • $128 per exam at schools outside the U.S., U.S. territories, and Canada, with the exception of DoDEA schools (Fees may vary for exams at College Board–authorized test centers outside the U.S.)
  • $146 per exam for AP Capstone™ (AP Seminar or AP Research) 

The College Board fee reduction amount is increasing to $36 per exam for eligible students. See details about AP Exam fee reductions.

The late-order and late-testing fees aren’t changing. Those amounts remain $40 per exam (in addition to the base exam fee).

The unused/canceled exam fee is $40 per exam.

Review details about fees.

Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR) in AP Registration and Ordering 

The NAR form is no longer available in SSD Online. Starting this year, you’ll access and generate the NAR through AP Registration and Ordering. As always, a NAR must be completed for students testing with approved accommodations on paper AP Exams and AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams. NAR forms aren’t required for digital AP Exams. Learn more.

AP Program's Artificial Intelligence Policy

Review the AP Program's Artificial Intelligence policy

AP Computer Science Principles 

New for the 2024 AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) Exam: the Personalized Project Reference will replace the written-response component of the Create performance task. 

Beginning this year, the AP CSP Exam has two sections:

  • Section I: Multiple Choice
  • NEW Section II: Written Response

Prior to exam day, AP coordinators will need to print the Personalized Project Reference from the AP Digital Portfolio for each student taking the AP CSP Exam. Students need their Personalized Project Reference to answer the questions in the Written Response section of the exam. For information about the changes, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Installing DAC App and the AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exam Application on Chromebooks  

In March 2024, there was a change in the Chrome Web Store that impacts how to search for applications. As a result, we’ve updated the installation instructions for Chromebooks in the 2023-24 AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams: Setup and Administration Guide and the AP Digital Audio Capture (DAC) App Overview for Chromebook.

Key Dates

October 4

Preferred Deadline: Submit AP Exam Orders

This is the recommended deadline to submit exam orders. It's also recommended that student enrollments are completed by this date.


November 15, 11:59 PM ET

Final Deadline: Submit AP Exam Orders

This is the final deadline to submit paper or digital exam orders for full-year and first-semester AP courses, and exam-only sections. Exam orders submitted after this date will incur an additional $40 per exam late-order fee, with some exceptions.


March 15, 11:59 PM ET

Deadline: Submit Final Updates for AP Exam Orders

This is the deadline for AP coordinators to submit any changes to existing exam orders or submit new exam orders in AP Registration and Ordering.