How to Access Score Reports for Educators

Learn how to access AP score reports for teachers, AP coordinators, principals, school superintendents, and other administrators.

AP Score Reports for Educators

Accessing Your Score Reports

In order to access AP Score Reports for Educators all authorized AP teachers, AP coordinators, principals, and district administrators must have a College Board Education Professional account. You may already have a Professional account if you have used College Board online services such as AP Registration and Ordering, AP Classroom, the AP Course Audit, or AP Potential™.

AP Score Reports for Educators features two primary access roles:

  • AP Teacher: A teacher who has been authorized through the AP Course Audit to teach one or more AP subjects.
  • Administrator: A principal, AP coordinator, or other school or district administrator.

For information about which reports are available to teachers and to school and district administrators, see the Report Descriptions page.

Access for Teachers

Only teachers authorized through the AP Course Audit for the most current year for which AP score data has been released have access to their students’ exam scores online.

  • Teachers must have their course authorization renewed every year to continue to have access to current and previous years’ reports. For example, teachers authorized for the 2022-23 school year are able to view their 2023 administration reports now through June 2024.
  • To view reports for the 2024 exam administration, teachers must have course authorization for the 2023-24 school year.
  • If you are a teacher with course authorization under the general state homeschool organization, you will not have access to score reports via AP Score Reports for Educators.

Access for Principals and AP Coordinators

Each year, College Board will email access codes to AP coordinators and principals designated on their school’s participation forms.

School administrators who do not currently have AP Course Audit or AP Registration and Ordering access will need an access code to view 2024 scores online.

For school-level access, contact your principal or AP coordinator for the access code.

Access for District Administrators

District administrators who do not currently have AP Score Reports for Educators, AP Course Audit or AP Registration and Ordering access will need to have their district superintendent reach out to AP Services for Educators to add or update users for district access.

District access is renewed on an annual basis. Administrators who would like to have access to score reports must be listed with College Board as an authorized user for the 2023-24 school year by their district superintendent.

Sharing a School Access Code

Authorized school administrators may share their school access code to provide access to AP Score Reports for Educators with up to five staff members. School administrators are advised to keep access codes in a secure place and distribute only to staff with the appropriate permissions to view student-level data.

Granting Access to School Department Chairs

School department chairs can either request that an administrator forward score data to them or the school's principal may provide them with an access code that will give them school administrator access. With school administrator-level access, staff members will have access to all student-level results from the school, including subjects outside their department.

Note: If a department chair is also an AP teacher and can access score data for the AP subjects they are currently authorized to teach through the AP Course Audit, adding school administrator access will supersede their teacher access.

Updating Account Information

AP Score Reports for Educators uses the information that you specified when creating or managing your College Board Education Professional account. If you need to change personal information, such as your school, title, or contact information, click on your profile icon in the top right corner of any page of the portal.

Users with Multiple Roles or School/District Affiliations

If you work at multiple schools or districts, you will be prompted to select the organization you wish to see reports for when you log in to AP Score Reports for Educators. You will only be able to see reports for one organization at a time. If you wish to see the score reports for another organization you are associated with, click on the “Change Organization” link on your report homepage.

If you have multiple roles within an organization (e.g., teacher and administrator), the system will default to the role with the highest-level of access.

Safeguards Against the Misuse of Data

College Board is committed to protecting the privacy of students’ data. We depend on administrators in particular to guard against such misuses of data and discourage schools from using AP score reports for the purposes of evaluating or comparing teachers. For this reason, all visitors to this site agree to certain legal terms and conditions.

Additional safeguards include:

  • Ability to access section-level data.
  • Principals can choose to restrict AP teachers from accessing individual students’ exam results. The principal must contact AP Services for Educators to make the request and would then be responsible for sharing the data directly with teachers. Teachers can still retain access to the AP Instructional Planning Reports, which do not include individual student-level data.
  • Principals and superintendents can completely remove access for certain staff members (i.e., staff who are no longer employed at a school or district) by contacting AP Services for Educators.