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Classroom Resources

AP resources are designed to support all students and teachers by connecting course content and skills through a wide variety of instructional materials.

AP Classroom

AP Classroom is a free and flexible online platform that provides instructional resources for each AP course to support student learning of all course content and skills. AP Classroom resources, including AP Daily videos, help your students learn and practice all year. 

Higher Education Faculty Lectures

Supplement your instruction with videos hosted by college and university professors. Watch the videos in AP Classroom, via the Overview page in the Course Guide section, or on the Advanced Placement YouTube channel for this course. 

Additional Resources for AP Statistics

Special Focus Materials

From Your AP Colleagues



Teaching Students How to Write AP Statistics Exam Responses

Strategies for teaching effective writing techniques to help students prepare for the more challenging free-response questions on AP Statistics Exams.

Exploring Data

Sampling and Experimentation


Coke® Versus Pepsi®: An Introductory Activity for Test of Significance

An engaging first-day-of-class “taste test” activity to introduce your students to what the course will be like.

Anticipating Patterns


Why Variances Add—And Why It Matters

Teaching this concept will provide students a problem-solving skill sure to pay off on the AP Exam.

Statistical Inference


Is That an Assumption or a Condition?

Tips on how to help your students understand which assumptions and conditions apply, how to check them, and why this is an important step in doing statistics.


Power in Tests of Significance

How to help students understand the concept of power in tests of significance.

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