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Important Updates

2019 Final Submission Extension Deadline
The deadline for students' submission of the final performance tasks on the AP Digital Portfolio has been extended to May 2 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

New Providers of AP CSP Curricula and Pedagogical Support
The College Board has endorsed innovative curricula and professional development by new education organizations: Apple and Edhesive. You can adopt ready-to-use curricula offered by twelve leading experts in computer science education. Review AP CSP endorsed provider offerings

  • Event
    • THUR, MAY 2, 2019, 11:59 PM ET

    AP Computer Science Principles Performance Tasks Due

  • Event
    • Fri, May 10, 2019

    AP Computer Science Principles Exam Day 2019

    • Noon | 2 hrs

Assessment Overview

The AP Computer Science Principles Assessment consists of two parts: performance tasks and the end-of-course AP Exam. Both measure student achievement of the course learning objectives.

Assessment Format

Two Performance Tasks | 40% of Overall AP Score

  • Create — Applications from Ideas | 24% | 12 hours
  • Explore — Impact of Computing Innovations | 16% | 8 hours

The Create performance task focuses specifically on the creation of a computer program through the collaborative and iterative process of programming.

The Explore performance task requires students to identify a computing innovation, explore its impact, and create a related digital artifact – ex. digital art, video – accompanied by a written response.

We have pulled the Reproducible for Students section from the Course and Exam Description to create a new publication titled Assessment Overview and Performance Task Directions for Students. Please download and share this document with your students, as it provides instructions around the performance tasks and explanations on questions they will see on the AP Exam.

End-of-Course Exam: 74 Questions | 2 Hours | 60% of Overall AP Score

  • Single-select and multiple-select questions

The AP Computer Science Principles Course and Exam Description (.pdf/2.05MB) includes complete information about the performance tasks and the end-of-course exam.


Scoring Guidelines and Notes for the 2019 Exam Administration

We have provided clearer instructions in the decision rules and scoring notes column for the AP CSP Create and Explore Performance Tasks. Note that the intent of these updates is to clarify how the rubric should be applied to prepare for the 2019 exam administration. Our changes do not affect the number of rubric rows or the scoring criteria of the rubrics. See what changed.

Explore – Sample Responses

Create – Sample Responses

Scoring Guidelines and Notes


Coming Fall of 2019

Coming Fall of 2019

Explore: Scoring Guidelines and Notes

Create: Scoring Guidelines and Notes

Coming Fall of 2019

Sample Responses and Scoring Information

Use the student responses and scoring guidelines from previous exam administrations, as featured below, to promote discussion with your students about the requirements of the tasks. Students cannot submit these samples to the College Board for scoring purposes.


Explore – Sample Responses

Create – Sample Responses



Score Distribution

Sample A: High Score

Sample B has been removed

Sample C: Medium Score

Sample D: Medium Score

Sample E: Low Score

Sample A: High Score

Sample B: Medium Score

Sample C: Low Score

Explore: Scoring Guidelines

Create: Scoring Guidelines

Explore: Student Performance Q&A

Create: Student Performance Q&A

Explore: High Score

Explore: Medium Score

Explore: Low Score



Assessment Resources

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