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AP Computer Science Principles

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Guidance for Artificial Intelligence Tools and Other Services

Exam Overview

The AP Computer Science Principles Exam assesses student understanding of the computational thinking practices and learning objectives outlined in the course framework. The AP Exam consists of the Create performance task and an end-of-course AP Exam. For more information, download the AP Computer Science Principles Course and Exam Description.

Encourage your students to visit the AP Computer Science Principles student page for exam information.

Assessment Dates

Mon, May 1, 2023

11:59 PM ET

Performance Task Submission Deadline

This is the deadline for students to complete all required components of the Create performance task and submit as final in the AP Digital Portfolio.

Mon, May 8, 2023

12 PM Local

AP Computer Science Principles End-of-Course Exam

Recommended Webinars

Watch Recorded Webinar: Evaluating the Create PT Like an AP Reader
To gain additional skills and knowledge on how to read and score AP CSP student work like an AP reader, we invite you to watch the recorded webinar.

Student Webinar: Tips for Completing the Create Performance Task
Get students to watch the recorded webinar for tips on planning and completing the Create performance task. We will also review common mistakes students make.

Teacher Webinars
Watch webinar recordings on Create performance task updates, digital portfolio updates, and course and exam updates.

Create Performance Task Walk-Through
Watch the recording of the Create Performance Task Walk-Through webinar, for guidance on task directions, task guidelines, and the submission process.


AP Digital Portfolio

The AP Digital Portfolio page provides instructions on how to navigate the web-based application and review the submission status of students' Create performance task.

Exam Format

The AP Computer Science Principles end-of-course exam has consistent question types, weighting, and scoring guidelines every year, so you and your students know what to expect on exam day.

Section I: End-of-Course Multiple-Choice Exam
70 Multiple-Choice Questions | 120 Minutes | 70% of Score | 4 answer options

  • 57 single-select multiple-choice
  • 5 single-select with reading passage about a computing innovation
  • 8 multiple-select multiple-choice: select 2 answers

Section II: Create Performance Task
30% of Score

Students will develop a computer program of their choice. Students need at least 12 hours of in-class time to complete.

Scoring Information from the 2022 Exam

Create – Sample Responses

Scoring Information

Scoring Commentary

Sample A: Video
Sample A: Written Response

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Sample B: Written Response

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Sample F: Video
Sample F: Written Response

Sample G: Video
Sample G: Written Response

Sample H: Video
Sample H: Written Response

Sample I: Video
Sample I: Written Response

Sample J: Video
Sample J: Written Response

Scoring Guidelines

Chief Reader Report

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Create: Scoring Commentary

Past Exam Questions and Scoring Information


AP Computer Science Principles Past Exam Questions

View student samples and scoring information from past years.

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