How AP with WE Service Works

AP with WE Service supplies a structure, guidance, and resources to AP teachers who integrate service learning into their courses. The program helps teachers and students identify local and global opportunities that translate classroom learning into hands-on problem solving.

Students define what form their service will take, and apply the content and skills they have learned in their AP course to real-world situations that require innovation, creativity, and critical thinking, to carry out a service learning project that they’re passionate about.

Introduction Video

Watch our introduction video for an overview of the AP with WE Service program.

What We Provide

Teaching Modules

The program provides modules that guide teachers in determining an actionable topic that fits their AP course and incorporating WE’s service learning framework and resources into the curriculum.

View and download teaching modules.

Implementation Resources

We provide an implementation guide, a recognition rubric for scoring, a timeline for the school year, examples of real service projects, and other resources to help AP teachers incorporate service learning into their course.

View and download implementation resources.

Check out our library of videos showing real AP teachers talking about their experience implementing AP with WE Service in their classroom. They share their tips for success and examples of their students’ projects.

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Student Recognition

Students who complete an AP with WE Service course, meet the recognition requirements, and take the AP Exam for that course will earn the AP with WE Service student recognition. The recognition is shown on students’ AP score reports. Your high school can also choose to indicate completion of an AP with WE Service course on students’.

Since 2016, over 8,500 students have earned the AP with WE Service recognition and have sent score reports to more than 800 colleges and universities. Admission officers will see the recognition on the Scholar Award section of AP score reports.

Students must meet expectations on all rubric categories by engaging in the following activities:

  • Research and Investigate: Students explore topics related to their AP course content and skills and apply it to a real-world issue.
  • Action Plan: Students conduct analysis of related problems and solutions and develop a plan to implement their service learning project, including one local or national action and one global action.
  • Take Action: Students implement their action plan and complete their service project.
  • Report and Celebrate: Students showcase their service learning project to communicate conclusion, impact, or make a recommendation.
  • Record and Reflect: Throughout the year, students will record data and collect evidence of their work while completing reflections about their project.

Hear from Teachers and Students


Some of my students who have struggled with traditional assessments have shined with service learning, which has enhanced their confidence and subsequent performance in the classroom context as well. A few students have discovered causes for which they are passionate and will remain engaged with long beyond the project timeline.
—Allison Hunt, AP Human Geography Teacher, duPont Manual High School, Louisville, Ky.


Service learning is the door from our classroom to the rest of the world. Through AP with WE Service, we become leaders and creators.
—Cynthia, Student, AP Computer Science A

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