Teaching AP with WE Service

Participate in AP with WE Service

After you’re authorized to teach AP with WE Service, you can start integrating WE Service into your course.

You can implement AP with WE Service in the way that best suits your students’ needs—the program is designed to be flexible.

Get started with your implementation by following these steps:

  • Submit your Authorization Form to secure your participation.
  • Review the Implementation Guide to see how to plan your school year and understand how to use the resources on this site.
  • Review the Recognition Rubric to understand what’s required of your students.
  • Choose a teaching module. This module will be your main resource throughout the year.
  • Explore resources to help you get started. Download the Implementation Toolkit, view a recorded webinar, learn best practices by watching introductory videos, and access other material.
  • Review the AP with WE Service Program Guide for complete details about the program and invaluable teaching resources.
  • Check out outreach resources, including a flyer about the program to share with students and parents.
  • Sign in to the AP with WE Service Teacher Community. Connect with your colleagues, get advice and tips, share resources, and more.
  • Enroll students in AP with WE Service through AP Classroom and score student service learning projects in the digital portfolio. In January you will receive instruction on how to designate classes in AP Classroom and how to score student projects in the digital portfolio. For instructions on using the digital portfolio, download the user guides for teachers and students. You can also watch a video tutorial on using the digital portfolio.
  • Submit scores in the AP Digital Portfolio by June 30 for students who have completed their service projects.