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AP with WE Service helps students apply their classroom work to the real world through service learning.

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Enhancing AP Coursework Through Service Learning

AP with WE Service is a free program that allows students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom in a real-world setting through service learning.

In the AP with WE Service program, students engage in service learning activities to strengthen their understanding of AP course content and skills, using what they’re learning to tackle real-life social issues.

Here are examples of service projects that students in the AP with WE Service program have completed:

  • Creating an app to help people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks (AP Computer Science A)
  • Advocating for improved prison conditions to state legislators (AP United States Government and Politics)
  • Building a fuel cell to provide electrical energy to areas affected by natural disasters (AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism)
  • Surveying the community to help local nonprofits combat homelessness (AP Statistics)

The AP with WE Service Experience

About Service Learning

Service learning combines classroom learning with meaningful service to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

It is based on a structured academic foundation that lets students go beyond volunteering or doing community service. Service learning leads students to understand local and global issues better while taking actions that help make a difference.

Benefits to Students

Taking part in AP with WE Service gives students the opportunity to build and demonstrate skills such as:

  • Civic engagement: Students build an understanding of their active role and ownership in solving today’s local and global problems and are motivated to be agents of change.
  • Leadership: Students perform a role within the project team to own their respective work and present results to community members to motivate further action.
  • Critical thinking and analysis: Students complete a needs assessment of the problem, draw conclusions, and evaluate project impact.
  • Communication and collaboration: Students work collaboratively within teams and with community members to research, plan, and execute service projects by expressing opinions, clearly communicating ideas, and defending a position with evidence.

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"How exciting to bring service learning to AP! Students can use skills gained in their course to become contributing members of their school community, their local community, and the global community." —Katie Campbell, Teacher, AP Art and Design


College Board does not endorse or favor any particular issue, stance, or type of service over another.

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