What’s New in 2022-23

Here’s what’s changing about AP Art and Design digital submission starting this school year:

  • AP Art and Design Portfolio Exams are now submitted through the AP Digital Portfolio.  
  • AP Art and Design Portfolio Exams will be submitted digitally only. Students no longer mail their physical work to the AP Program for AP 2-D Art and Design or AP Drawing.  
  • Students are required to individually submit their 3 portfolio components as final in the AP Digital Portfolio: Sustained Investigation Images, Sustained Investigation Written Evidence, and Selected Works. 
  • Students are responsible for submitting their portfolio components to the AP Program by the May 5, 8 p.m. ET deadline. Teachers and AP coordinators are no longer responsible for forwarding portfolios.  
  • It’s still a best practice for teachers (and AP coordinators for exam only students) to set their own deadlines for students to submit their portfolio components before May 5, so they can review the work, check for plagiarism, and ensure students’ 3 portfolio components are all submitted as final by the May 5, 8 p.m. ET AP Program deadline.  
  • AP coordinators should support students enrolled in AP Art and Design exam only sections at their school. AP coordinators should also work with their AP Art and Design teachers to ensure all students’ portfolio components are submitted as final to the AP Program by the May 5, 8 p.m. ET deadline.  

The portfolio requirements are not changing for 2022-23. Students are still required to submit 15 images in the Sustained Investigation section, complete written evidence in the Sustained Investigation section, and submit images of 5 works in the Selected Works section. For information about portfolio requirements, see the AP Art and Design Program page on AP Students.