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Schools that have AP teachers with multiple class sections or multiple teachers teaching the same AP subject can get Subject Score Rosters and AP Instructional Planning Reports at the class section or teacher level. Implementing class sections helps teachers and schools:

  • See performance on a class level. Schools can get a direct view into the performance of individual classes so they can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their curricula.
  • Ensure that each teacher sees only their own students' scores. Schools can control access to student scores when there is more than one teacher for an AP subject.

Creating Class Sections in the 2019-20 School Year

Starting in 2019-20, AP coordinators will be able to create class sections in the new online system. Coordinators can view complete instructions for designating sections at Class Section Creation and Join Codes. Students will enroll in their specific class sections at the beginning of the school year, generating the class section and teacher levels of the AP Instructional Planning Reports.

Viewing Class Sections Prior to 2020

Before the 2019-20 school year, schools were encouraged to designate section numbers on students’ answers sheets during the exam administrations. This let schools access Subject Score Rosters and AP Instructional Planning Reports at the class section or teacher level.

When teachers view their AP Instructional Planning Reports and Subject Score Rosters, they will be prompted to select the section(s) they taught for that subject and for that school year. Once they make their selections, they will see score data only for the sections they taught. (If schools did not designate sections, all data were subsequently grouped by AP subject, allowing all AP teachers of that subject to see student scores for the entire student roster.)

Depending on your organization, you may also see one or more of these sections in your options:

  • All Students: If your school did not use sections for this subject, this includes all students who attended your school. If you are an online provider, this includes all students in this subject to whom you provided instruction.
  • Section Not Designated: If your school used sections for this subject, this group includes only those students who did not indicate a section on their answer sheet for this subject.
  • No Section/Exam Only Section: Includes all students who attended your school but did not receive instruction at your school in this subject. This may be students who received instruction from an online provider or self-studied.

Editing or Correcting Section Numbers

  • Teachers should only select to view data for the sections they taught.
  • If you find that students are missing from your reports, check to see if the student is in the correct section, particularly in the “Section Not Designated” section, which includes students who did not have a section designated on their answer sheet.
  • If you find that a student is appearing under the incorrect section, the AP coordinator or principal can submit a section correction request using the Request a Report Data Correction feature under the Administrator Tools.