Navigating and Downloading Reports

AP Score Reports for Educators

On AP Score Reports for Educators you can customize your reports to suit your needs.

Selecting an Administration Year

On your Reports homepage, you may change the administration for which you would like to view reports for your organization. By default, the most current administration year is shown. Data for the past five administrations is available.

Viewing a Report

Reports are listed by their type and function. View a list of available reports.

  • For Teachers: Reports are listed by their course authorized subject(s) in a given administration year.
  • For School Administrators: The name of the report is the link to the report.
  • For District Administrators: For some reports there is both a school version of the report as well as an aggregated for district version of the report. Users will see two options listed in these cases.

Note: Report Not Available—Since reports are released throughout the summer, links for certain reports will be disabled until their release date. 

Customizing a Report and Using Filters

Some reports require that you select a subject, section(s), or a school before running the report. You may change these selections after running the report by choosing the Customize option in the report header.

Some reports allow you to apply additional filters to your data after the report has run. You can use these filters to drill down into the performance of a subset of your students compared to their peers with the same attributes. For example:

  • Subject Score Rosters: filter by score and/or grade level.
  • Instructional Planning Reports: filter by score and/or grade level.

After choosing your filters, select the Apply Filters button to apply your selections to your current dataset. Filters will apply to the data for your group of students as well as any aggregate peer data at the state and global levels.

To remove or clear filters, use the filter tags to remove filters, or un-select/select new filter values in the drop-down menus.

Note: No Data Available—In some situations, there is no data available for your chosen filters. For example, if you choose to view all 10th-grade students who scored a 4, but none of your students received that score, you will see a message directing you to select different criteria.

Sort, Pagination, and Search

Reports include sorting, search, and pagination tools to assist with navigating large sets of data.

Student rosters provide the ability to search for an individual student by first name or last name. To remove the filter and return to the full list of students, delete any entered value in this field and click Search again.

Sort tables in reports by selecting one of the listed columns; data will be sorted in ascending order.

Navigating Between Reports

To switch to another report, click on the Reports option in your top menu. Do not use the Back button on your browser.

Some reports allow you to drill down further into your data. For example, if you are a school or district administrator you may choose to view the Student Score Report for an individual student by selecting the student’s name in the Subject Score Roster or the Organization Score Roster. The report will open in the current view, replacing your previously viewed report.

Multiple Organizations

If you are associated with multiple organizations, switch to another organization’s report list by selecting the Change Organization option on your report homepage. 

Downloading Reports to PDF Format

Teachers, and school and district administrators can download the Subject Score Roster and Instructional Planning Report in PDF format.

Your download will open in a new tab and may take a few moments to load. Do not close the tab while the PDF is loading.

Downloading Reports to CSV Format

School and district administrators can download the following reports in CSV format:

  • Subject Score Roster
  • Organization Score Roster
  • Scholar Roster
  • Current-Year Score Summary
  • Five-Year Score Summary
  • District Summary by School
  • Student Datafile (learn more)