Administrator Tools

AP Score Reports for Educators

The following tools are available to school and district administrators.

Submitting Requests for Corrections or Updates

From the Administrator Tools page, submit a request to make the following types of corrections to report data:

  • Remove a Student: Submit the name of a student appearing on your Student Score Report or Student Datafile who does not attend your school or district, and request they be removed.
  • Add a Student: Submit the name of a student who attends your school or district but is missing from your Student Score Report or Student Datafile.
  • Update Grade Level: Request a grade level update for a student appearing under the incorrect grade level in your reports.

Only AP coordinators, principals, the alternate AP coordinator listed on the AP Participation Form, and the designated district point of contact can request these changes. Teachers do not have access to these tools and should contact their principal or coordinator if they see information in their reports that needs to be corrected. Only requests for the most recent administration may be submitted.

Check These First

If a Score Is Missing

Some scores take longer to process due to later testing, or other circumstances such as the late receipt of exam materials or an irregularity occurring on test day. View your student roster in AP Registration and Ordering to see when/if the student took the exam. Students will receive an email when their outstanding scores are available and educator reports will be refreshed daily.

A score may seem to be missing because a student is in the wrong class section. If this is the cause, learn how to make a section update (.pdf/299 KB) for a student appearing in the incorrect section on your Subject Score Roster report. This change can be made by the AP coordinator in AP Registration and Ordering. Review other reasons why a student or score may be missing from your reports.

Before Adding a Student

A student may not really be missing from your reports—they may just have a score that has not been reported yet, or a canceled score. Before submitting a request to add a student, do these things:

Note: As part of our commitment to protecting student data, once your request has been received, we will reach out to the student to give them the opportunity to review and confirm or deny your request. Therefore, a response to your request may take longer than our usual timeframe of 7-10 business days.

Before Removing a Student

You should only submit a request to remove a student if a student who does not attend your school full time is appearing in your Student Datafile or Student Score Report.

Most students take AP courses at the school they attend full time, and this is the school they indicate in their AP registration. But in some cases, students may receive instruction and enroll in a class section for a specific AP course at a school different than the one they attend full time. This could be because their full-time school doesn’t offer that specific course or because they’re taking the course through an online provider.

A student will still appear in your Subject Score Roster and Organization Score Roster reports if they were instructed by a teacher at your school for a specific subject or subject(s) and enrolled in a class section, even though they do not attend your school full time. This is so their teacher can see their score for that subject.

School and district administrators can filter these students out of their reports by using the "Attended/Instructed" filter.