Transfer Students To or Out of Your School

You’ll be able to adjust orders for students who transfer to or out of your school without incurring late order or unused/canceled exam fees. The policies for transfer students apply only to students who transfer to or out of your school; these policies don’t apply to students at your school who join or drop an AP class after the November 15 final ordering deadline.

If you’ve already submitted your exam order, you’ll need to submit changes to your order to account for transfer students.

If a Student Transfers Out of Your School:

  • Change the student’s status to Transfer Out in AP Registration and Ordering.
  • The exam fee associated with that student will be removed from your order. The unused/canceled exam fee won’t be applied.
  • Important: You need to change the student to Transfer Out in AP Registration and Ordering for the exam fee to be removed. Do not drop the student from a class section. If you drop the student instead of selecting Transfer Out, the fee associated with the student will remain on your invoice.
  • Your ability to transfer a student out isn’t dependent on their new school enrolling them as transfer in—you can select transfer out in AP Registration and Ordering for the student as soon as they have officially transferred out of your school.

If a Student Transfers to Your School:

  • You can add the student to your school’s exam order without incurring the late order fee, regardless of when they transfer.
  • You’ll need to provide the student with a unique transfer code for each class section and/or exam only section they need to join. Only AP coordinators can access the transfer code.
    • Important: The transfer code is different from the join code. You must give students who transfer to your school the transfer code—not the join code—in order for them to properly enroll in a class section and for the late order fee to be waived. (If, for example, you gave the join code for a class section to a student who transfers to your school after November 15, the late order fee would be applied.)
  • You can add a student who transfers to your school to your order at any time, though after March 15, 2024, you’ll need to contact AP Services for Educators for your exam order to be unlocked so you can make the change.
  • You don’t need to wait for the student to be transferred out of the class section at their previous school. The student can enroll in their class section at your school using the transfer code even if their previous school hasn’t yet switched them to transfer out. Give the transfer code to the student as soon as they enter an AP course at your school.

Refer to the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 for more information about transfer students and how to order their exams in AP Registration and Ordering.

Key Dates

Wed, Nov 15, 2023

11:59 PM ET

Final Ordering Deadline

This is the deadline for the AP coordinator to submit the exam order for all full-year and first-semester AP courses, and all exam only sections in AP Registration and Ordering.

Fri, Mar 15, 2024

11:59 PM ET

Ordering Deadline for Spring Courses and to Change Fall Exam Orders

This is the exam ordering deadline for AP courses that begin after November 15—that is, second-semester, trimester, or block schedule courses—as well as the deadline to make changes to fall orders in AP Registration and Ordering.