Schools That Administer AP Exams but Don’t Offer AP Courses

If you’re the AP coordinator for a school that administers AP Exams but doesn’t offer AP courses, you’ll need to complete these steps:

  • Complete the initial setup in AP Registration and Ordering and select the option indicating that your school plans to administer AP Exams.
  • Complete the AP Participation Form.
  • Create an exam only section for each subject for which you’ll be administering exams.
  • Provide students with the appropriate join code for the exam only section.
  • Be sure that students enroll in the exam only section for each AP Exam they’ll be taking at your school.
  • Organize your exam roster and submit your exam order by November 15, 2022 (11:59 p.m. ET).
  • Submit orders by March 15 for courses that began after November 15 and ensure that exams for every student who plans to test this year are included in your exam order.

Please see the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 for more information.