AP Coordinator Checklist

AP Coordinator Planning Guide

Use this list to help plan your school’s digital AP Exam administration. 


  • Important: Confirm your school’s technology coordinator contact information in AP Registration and Ordering. Go to Settings/School Information and find the current technology coordinator under Participation Contacts. Your technology coordinator must be the person at your school or district responsible for installing apps on school-managed devices. If your school isn’t testing with school-managed devices, the technology coordinator should be the person responsible for the school’s network and other systems. Use the edit link to update the contact information, if needed.
  • Connect with your IT staff to plan for digital readiness.
  • Recruit and schedule proctors and technology monitors.
  • Schedule training for proctors and technology monitors.
  • Register for any upcoming webinars.

Mid- to Late February

  • Confirm with your school’s designated technology coordinator that Bluebook™ is already installed and updated, or can be approved in time to install on school-managed testing devices before the AP Exam administration. 
  • Ask technology staff to prepare devices, configure the network, and help you choose testing rooms. Get the technical readiness to-do list.
  • Confirm your school’s technology setup with technology staff.
  • If students are using personal devices to test, direct them to download Bluebook from the Bluebook website.
  • Share the Introduction to 2024 Digital AP Testing video with relevant teachers and students.


  • Review the AP Coordinator Exam Day Guide, the AP Proctor Exam Day Guide, and the Proctoring a Digital AP Exam video in preparation for training proctors. 
  • Talk to the SSD coordinator about accommodations for digital exams.
  • Confirm that all students can sign in to their College Board student account.
  • Encourage AP teachers to have students try test previews in Bluebook next month as an in-class or at-home assignment. If students can log in to Bluebook on their testing device and complete test previews, they are ready to test.
  • Secure supplies needed for each exam room.
  • Register for the Exam Day webinar.

Early to Mid-April

  • Remind AP teachers to have students try test previews in Bluebook.
  • Add exam rooms and proctors in Test Day Toolkit when you receive your access email.
  • Share the AP Proctor Exam Day Guide with all proctors. They should review it before the exam administration.
  • Share the AP Technical Troubleshooting Guide with the technology monitor(s).
  • Make sure all staff have been trained.
  • Confirm that all proctors have a College Board professional account and can sign in to it.
  • If students with approved accommodations are planning to take a digital exam using assistive technology, remind them that it’s important to practice using and configuring assistive technology with Bluebook.

2 Weeks Before Testing

  • Confirm that all testing staff who will be using Test Day Toolkit on exam day have an appropriate personal or school-managed device and have received a print or electronic copy of the AP Proctor Exam Day Guide.
  • Remind AP teachers to have students try test previews in Bluebook as an in-class or at-home assignment. Students planning to test using assistive technology should try test previews using the assistive technology they’re approved to use for the exam. If students can log in to Bluebook on their testing device and complete test previews, they are ready to test.

1 Week Before Testing

  • Confirm that relevant testing staff have signed in to Test Day Toolkit.
  • Confirm that all students have successfully signed in to Bluebook and can launch test previews.
  • Confirm if any students will be testing with assistive technology. Review details about using and configuring assistive technology with Bluebook with them and remind them to try test previews in Bluebook with their assistive technology to make sure they’re ready for exam day.
  • Check with proctors to make sure they’ve reviewed the AP Proctor Exam Day Guide.

On Exam Day

  • Follow the instructions in the AP Coordinator Exam Day Guide to set up testing rooms and provide exam day supplies to proctors.
  • In Test Day Toolkit, use the Action drop-down on the All Staff page to grant full access to staff.
  • Monitor exam day activities and respond to any issues.

After Testing

  • Reach out to any students who have not successfully submitted their exam responses online. Students have 5 calendar days to submit their responses after the exam, if needed.
  • Order makeup exams for students who were unable to complete testing for approved reasons.
  • Complete and submit incident reports through AP Registration and Ordering, if needed.
  • Complete the post-administration survey.