Preparing Students for the Exam

AP Coordinator Planning Guide

Before exam day, confirm that all participating students have the Bluebook™ testing app on their testing device.

  • Important: All students must have Bluebook installed on their testing device to be ready for exam day. Make sure your technology coordinator has confirmed that Bluebook has been installed and updated on school-managed student devices, or that students using personal devices have downloaded Bluebook themselves.

You should also confirm that all students have practiced logging in to Bluebook with their College Board account before exam day. 

  • AP teachers should make logging in to the app and trying test previews an in-class or at-home assignment.
  • This will confirm students can access the exam and that their device is compatible with the technical requirements.

Encourage students to try test previews in the app. 

  • Trying test previews will familiarize them with how to navigate and answer questions.
  • Test previews also give students the opportunity to practice using digital testing features and tools such as annotation.
  • Students who will be testing with an approved assistive technology accommodation should try test previews in Bluebook with their testing device and the assistive technology they’ll use on exam day. 

What Students Need on Exam Day

  • Fully charged testing device (devices should be able to hold a charge for at least 4 hours) with Bluebook installed
  • Charging cord/AC adapter that is compatible with their testing device
  • Pencils or pens for making notes on school-provided scratch paper
  • External mouse (optional)
  • External keyboard if testing with an iPad or Windows tablet

What Not to Bring

Students should not bring the following (unless an item has been preapproved for an accommodation by the College Board SSD office):

  • Mobile phones and wearable technology (including smartwatches)
  • Privacy screens
  • Separate computer monitors
  • Books, notebooks, or references of any kind
  • Calculator