Technology Monitor

AP Coordinator Planning Guide

The technology monitor is a specialized role dedicated to helping students and staff resolve technical issues on exam day. Technical expertise is not required and technology monitors are only expected to follow the troubleshooting tips in the AP Technical Troubleshooting Guide.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility criteria for proctors applies to technology monitors (see the “Preparing Proctors” section of the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2). No technical expertise is needed.

Schools may assign more than one technology monitor to support digital AP Exams.


  • Be on-site on exam day. 
  • Assist students who are having technical issues—technology monitors can assist students in the exam room, in the hallway, or in a designated help room. 
  • Follow the tips and instructions in the AP Technical Troubleshooting Guide. 
  • Provide backup devices to students, if available.

Preparing Technology Monitors

Give technology monitors the AP Technical Troubleshooting Guide and connect them with school and district technology staff who can provide network information and tell them who to call for prompt help on exam day.