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Important Updates

New AP Research Teacher Module 
This module highlights areas where students typically struggle with AP Research presentations and provides teaching strategies and example activities that address these areas.

Now Available: 2017-18 Rubrics
The revised rubric for the Academic Paper (.pdf/123KB) is now available. Please note: The Presentation and Oral Defense rubric has not changed for 2017-18.

Teacher Scoring of Performance Tasks
Starting in the 2017-18 school year, AP Research teachers will no longer score the Academic Paper. Students’ written work will be scored at the AP Reading.

Teachers will continue to score the Presentation and Oral Defense.

Online Scoring Training
All AP Research teachers will be required to complete and pass online scoring training for the Presentation and Oral Defense only. Training will be available in December 2017.

Note: The following information and resources are for AP Research teachers at participating schools. In order to offer AP Research, schools must apply through the AP Program to participate in AP Capstone™, and they must first offer AP Seminar. In addition, teachers attend mandatory training. For more information, visit the AP Capstone section of Advances in AP.

Course Overview

AP Research allows students to deeply explore an academic topic, problem, or issue of individual interest. Through this exploration, students design, plan, and conduct a year-long research-based investigation to address a research question.

In the AP Research course, students further their skills acquired in the AP Seminar course by understanding research methodology; employing ethical research practices; and accessing, analyzing, and synthesizing information as they address a research question. Students explore their skill development, document their processes, and curate the artifacts of the development of their scholarly work in a portfolio. The course culminates in an academic paper of 4000-5000 words (accompanied by a performance or exhibition of product where applicable) and a presentation with an oral defense.

Essential Course Resources

College Board Store

Find publications, released exams, lab manuals, and more supporting AP courses in the College Board Store.


AP and Higher Education

Higher Education professionals play a key role developing AP courses and exams, setting credit and placement policies, and scoring student work. The AP Higher Ed site features information on recruitment and admission, advising and placement, and more.

Meet the current Development Committee for AP Research.