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Whether you’re teaching in person or online, these free, flexible online resources can keep your class on pace throughout the year.

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AP Daily videos are short, searchable instructional segments you can:

  • assign to students before or after class to maximize time for discussion.
  • assign alongside topic questions to address misunderstandings.
  • encourage students to take advantage of on their own, on mobile devices or computers.
  • track to see which students are watching each video in each class. 

Topic questions are formative questions to check student understanding as you teach. Assign topic questions to reveal student misunderstandings and target your lessons.

Progress checks help you gauge student knowledge and skills for each unit through:

  • multiple-choice questions with rationales explaining correct and incorrect answers, and
  • free-response questions with scoring guides to help you evaluate student work.

My Reports highlights progress for every student and class across AP units.

The question bank is a searchable database of real AP questions. You can:

  • find topic questions and practice exam questions, indexed by content and skills.
  • search for any question, passage, or stimulus by text or keyword.
  • create custom quizzes that can be assigned online or on paper.

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AP Daily

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  • Made for any learning environment, AP teachers can assign these short videos on every topic and skill as homework alongside topic questions, warm-ups, lectures, reviews, and more.
  • AP students can also access videos on their own for additional support.
  • Videos are available in AP Classroom, on your Course Resources page.


AP Daily Instructors

Expert AP teachers across the country can support your course virtually:

  • Lead teacher: Kevin Turner, Spanish River Community High School, Boca Raton, Fla.
  • Kristi Neuroth, Ravenwood High School, Brentwood, Tenn.
  • Greg Hill, Dr. John D. Horn High School, Mesquite, Texas
  • Morgan Patel, Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Md.
  • David Valdez, Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, Colo.
  • Kristin Brandt, Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn, Ill.
  • Stephanie Cosgrove, Coral Gables Senior High, Coral Gables, Fla.

Higher Education Faculty Lecturers

Supplement your instruction with 30-minute videos on each unit hosted by college or university professors. Guest lecturers include:

  • Sarah Bednarz, Texas A&M University
  • Lisa Benton-Short, George Washington University
  • Larianne Collins, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Elizabeth Chacko, George Washington University
  • Seth Dixon, Rhode Island College
  • William G. Moseley, Macalester College
  • Darren Purcell, University of Oklahoma

The Unit 1 Faculty Lecture is available on the AP Classroom Course Resources page, under Overview, as well as YouTube.

Additional Resources for AP Human Geography

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