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Important Updates

Take a Guided Tour of AP Art History
Check out this series of video overview modules for the AP Art History course and exam.

New Module: Writing about Art
This new online module offers strategies to help students transform their analysis and interpretation of art to writing.

Course Overview

The AP Art History course is equivalent to a two-semester college survey course exploring the nature of art, art making, and responses to art. By investigating specific course content of 250 works of art characterized by diverse artistic traditions from prehistory to the present, students develop in-depth, holistic understanding of the history of art from a global perspective. Students become active participants in the global art world, engaging with its forms and content. They experience, research, discuss, read, and write about art, artists, art making, responses to, and interpretations of art.

Essential Course Resources

Course Planning and Pacing Guides

Course and Exam Redesign

The redesigned AP Art History course launched in fall 2015 in conjunction with administration of the redesigned exam in May 2016. Review the Overview of the Redesign, which was informed by Expert Input and a Higher Education Validation Study for Art History.

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