District Leaders: Support AP Coordinators

Here’s information to share with AP coordinators about this year’s AP Exams, professional learning opportunities for coordinators, and more.

Exam Registration, Ordering, and Related Tasks

Help AP coordinators in your district access supports and complete tasks, so all students have the opportunity to earn college credit and placement this year.

  • AP Coordinator’s Manual: Share the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 with coordinators in your district. Download the manual.
  • Class sections in AP Registration and Ordering: Keep in mind that section titles in AP Registration and Ordering match section titles on AP Score Reports. Consider implementing a consistent naming convention across all schools. For information on how to create and edit class sections, coordinators can view the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 (.pdf).
  • AP coordinator newsletter: Remind AP coordinators in your district to check that their contact information is up to date, so they receive our monthly AP coordinator newsletter. To check, they can log in to AP Registration and Ordering, navigate to the Settings tab, and review the details under the School Information and Participation Contacts section. Access AP Registration and Ordering.

View AP Coordinator Timeline

AP coordinator access to AP Registration and Ordering: Remind AP coordinators that exam ordering and related tasks are completed in AP Registration and Ordering.

Staying connected for AP coordinators: Encourage AP coordinators to stay connected by joining the AP Coordinator Community and visiting their page on AP Central, where they can access additional resources.

AP Coordinator Learning Opportunities

Let your district’s AP coordinators know about the ongoing online workshops, webinars, and other offerings that can give them guidance on supporting a school AP program.