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By the March 12 (11:59 p.m. ET) spring course orders and fall order changes deadline:

  • The AP coordinator should focus on making sure all students who intend to test during any exam administration have an “Order Exam” status of “Yes” in AP Registration and Ordering.
  • The coordinator should also account for all new exam orders and known changes—such as exam cancellations, transfer students, students who have dropped or added a course, or orders for students who don’t attend the school.

Starting in early March, AP Registration and Ordering will be updated with the Administration 1–3 exam dates, and AP coordinators will be able to assign students to a later testing date (Administration 2 or 3), if needed. We’ll provide details at that time about how to manage assignments to a later administration.

  • As usual, AP coordinators will continue to manage all order changes. Students won’t be able to change exam dates on their own, and it remains the AP coordinator’s role to determine if multiple exam administrations will be offered by your school.
  • Coordinators don’t need to determine by March 12 whether a student will need to take an exam during Administration 2 or 3.
  • If a school is not certain by March 12 whether students will need to test during a later administration, the coordinator should leave their exam order set for Administration 1 and switch later if necessary.
  • If a school is certain students won’t be able to test during Administration 1, the coordinator should assign those students to a later administration by March 12. By doing so, the school won’t receive printed exam materials for these students for Administration 1.

Coordinators will be able to reassign a student with an existing exam order to a later administration, if necessary, by the following deadlines:

If assigning a student to a:

Deadline to submit the change in AP Registration and Ordering:

Digital Exam
Administration 2 or Administration 3

By 11:59 p.m. EDT 7 calendar days before the scheduled digital exam date.*

Paper and Pencil or Chinese and Japanese Exam
Administration 2

May 7 for exams outside the United States

May 14 for exams in the United States

Paper and Pencil or Chinese and Japanese Exam
Administration 3

May 26 for exams in all locations

For example, AP Macroeconomics is scheduled for Wednesday, May 19, during Administration 2. The deadline for an AP coordinator to switch the student to this exam in AP Registration and Ordering is 11:59 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, May 12 (7 calendar days before the exam).

Let any students moved to a later administration know whether the exam subject they’re taking is a paper and pencil exam or a digital exam.