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You cannot submit digital portfolios to the AP Program unless they have been forwarded to you by your teacher(s). As coordinator, you are responsible for this final step in the digital submission process.

You must forward each digital portfolio to the AP Program by the deadline in May. Check the Exam Dates page for the exact deadline.

From the Student Portfolio List (shown below), use the Actions drop-down menu to select how you’d like to submit the portfolios to the AP Program (i.e., individually or in batches). You can also forward an individual portfolio to the AP Program when viewing a specific student’s portfolio.

Note: No one at your school—not you, the teacher, or the student—can make changes to a student’s digital portfolio after it’s been sent to the AP Program.

For AP 2-D Art and Design and AP Drawing, Selected Works must also be mailed to the AP Program. See the AP Art and Design Program page for details.