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AP workshops are two-hour, three-hour, and one-day (six-hour) workshops offered in person and through online modules. Participants will walk away from an AP subject workshop with ready-to-use strategies and pedagogical tools shared by an experienced educator within the AP community. Exploration of the AP course and exam description, the AP Exam, and the AP Classroom resources will help you plan and focus your instruction.

Online Modules

With the possibility of many schools not returning to a brick-and-mortar setting in the fall, we are piloting online AP subject workshops for teachers. Attend an online workshop to explore the AP course and exam description, discuss what the AP Exam assesses, and learn how AP Classroom can help you plan and focus instruction as well as give you data-driven feedback throughout the year. Complete the following five modules over the period of one week to receive a certificate completion with 0.6 CEUs.

Module 1: Course and Exam Description (90 mins)—Introductory live synchronous session on Zoom led by an experienced AP educator focused on the course and exam description and curricular requirements.

Modules 2–4: On-demand (asynchronous) sessions to be completed before Module 5.

  • Module 2: Course Planning (30 mins)—Receive feedback on an instructional plan for your AP course.
  • Module 3: AP Classroom (90 mins)—After watching an on-demand recording led by an experienced AP teacher on how to leverage AP Classroom to help support students and teach your AP course, receive feedback on one of your lesson plans to implement in your classroom.
  • Module 4: Assess and Reflect (60 mins)—After watching an on-demand recording led by an experienced AP reader, practice scoring student responses based on the rubric.

Module 5: Strategies and Pedagogical Tools (90 mins)—Concluding live synchronous session on Zoom led by an experienced AP educator focused on instructional strategies, tools, and best practices to be used in your classroom, whether online, in-person, or in a blended teaching environment.

Note: Although both new and experienced teachers are welcome to register, the online AP workshops were developed with the new AP teacher in mind. Check back for topic- and skill-specific two-to-three-hour workshop offerings coming soon.

District/School Hosted Workshops

District/school hosted workshops are one day and multi-day workshops, offered both face-to-face and in an online* setting, and managed in conjunction with the sponsoring school or district. Upon receipt of a private or district/school hosted workshop request, the AP Program will find facilitators who match the requirements of the requested district. The selected facilitator will work with the district/school to tailor the session(s) to meet district goals while also addressing the key takeaways.

Districts or schools may also request to follow the one-day workshop model.

*For online workshops, facilitators can opt to leverage the district's infrastructure to model best practices within their own platform.

AP Workshop Key Takeaways

By attending a workshop, participants will gain deeper insight into the following key takeaways:


Understand the Course

AP courses focus on building conceptual understandings and developing transferable skills.


Plan the Course

Helping students develop mastery of the course skills requires careful planning to sequence skills in a developmentally appropriate way so that students master prerequisite skills before being asked to complete more complex tasks.


Teach the Course

Students need multiple opportunities to practice skills in order to develop mastery over time. Specific strategies can help students explicitly practice those skills.


Assess Student Progress

Assessments, instruction, and resources should be aligned to learning goals and matched to performance standards and/or expectations. Students should be progressively challenged, just beyond where they are, to apply their knowledge and skills in different contexts to deepen their understanding.


Engage as a Member of the AP Community

AP teachers are part of a community with many opportunities to discuss teaching strategies, share resources, and more.


Fees, Credits, and Deadlines

Find out about fees and deadlines; cancellation, no-show, and refund policies; and earning CEU credits.

AP Coordinator Workshops

Over one full-day or two half-day workshops, you'll learn how to efficiently and successfully manage your school's AP program, including ordering deadlines and all other aspects. You'll have the opportunity to exchange best practices with colleagues and learn new ways to handle the responsibilities of coordinating an AP program.

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