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Districts and states may host one-day and multi-day workshops for their teachers. These can be offered in person or online for the AP subjects listed below.

Workshop Topics Covered

The following topics are addressed in all AP subject workshops:

  1. Course and Exam Description (CED) and Course Planning: Discuss developing a semester and/or yearlong instructional plan that incorporates all units, topics, and skills of the course, as referenced in the CED. 

  2. Expanding AP Opportunities: Discuss strategies to create a supportive AP classroom for all students and to encourage students to participate in AP, including underrepresented students. 

  3. Strategies and Pedagogical Tools: Identify instructional strategies and tools to teach the content and skills in the course and exam description. 

  4. AP Classroom and AP Daily: Explore how AP Classroom can be utilized to develop each skill/practice and develop lesson plans that reinforce topic and skill connections. 

  5. Assess and Reflect: Practice interpreting data within the Instructional Planning Report to identify student strengths and weaknesses and reflect on implications for instruction. 

Inquire about hosting.

African American Studies

Italian Language and Culture

Art and Design (2-D, 3-D and Drawing combined)

Japanese Language and Culture

Art History




Calculus AB


Calculus BC

Music Theory

Calculus (AB and BC combined)

Physics 1


Physics 2

Chinese Language and Culture

Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

Comparative Government and Politics

Physics C (Electricity and Magnetism and Mechanics combined)

Computer Science A

Physics C: Mechanics

Computer Science Principles


Economics (Macro and Micro combined)


English Language and Composition

Spanish Language and Culture

English Literature and Composition

Spanish Literature and Culture

Environmental Science


European History

U.S. Government and Politics

French Language and Culture

U.S. History

German Language and Culture

World History: Modern

Human Geography