Host an AP Subject Workshop

Request a Workshop for Your District

Districts and states may host one-day and multi-day workshops for their teachers in all AP subjects. Please note that AP Seminar and AP Research have a training requirement for teachers new to the course and are only available in a 30-hour format.  

Workshop Topics Covered

The following topics are addressed in all AP subject workshops:

  1. Course and Exam Description (CED) and Course Planning: Discuss developing a semester and/or yearlong instructional plan that incorporates all units, topics, and skills of the course, as referenced in the CED. 
  2. Expanding AP Opportunities: Discuss strategies to create a supportive AP classroom for all students and to encourage students to participate in AP, including underrepresented students. 
  3. Strategies and Pedagogical Tools: Identify instructional strategies and tools to teach the content and skills in the course and exam description. 
  4. AP Classroom and AP Daily: Explore how AP Classroom can be utilized to develop each skill/practice and develop lesson plans that reinforce topic and skill connections. 
  5. Assess and Reflect: Practice interpreting data within the Instructional Planning Report to identify student strengths and weaknesses and reflect on implications for instruction.