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For AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) and AP Capstone, students must submit performance tasks to the AP Program using the AP Digital Portfolio, a Web-based application to get their work validated and scored by the College Board. The deadline to submit performance tasks as final is April 30, 11:59 p.m. ET.

AP Capstone Teachers

Download the AP Digital Portfolio—Teacher User Guide for AP Capstone (.pdf/1.76MB)

Share the AP Digital Portfolio—Student User Guide for AP Capstone (.pdf/827KB) with your students.

AP Computer Science Principles Teachers

Access the following resources to navigate through the digital portfolio:

For the through-course performance tasks portion of the AP CSP assessment, students will create digital artifacts—some examples include programs, digital art, or video—accompanied by a written response and upload them in the AP Digital Portfolio.

Students are not allowed to collaborate at all on any portion of the Explore performance task, or on the written response or video for the Create performance task.

Strongly encourage students to use the College Board Written Response Templates for Create and Explore performance tasks to facilitate accurate scoring of students’ work and help to avoid suspicion of plagiarism.

Share the Assessment Overview and Performance Task Directions for Students document with your students. Ensure that students attest to the following on the AP Digital Portfolio:

Important Timelines and Processes for Teachers


Teachers sign in to and get the join code for their class section(s) that were created by the AP coordinator. Join codes should be distributed to students during class. When students enroll in an AP Computer Science Principles, AP Seminar, or AP Research class section using join codes in My AP, their enrollment will carry over to the AP Digital Portfolio.


AP Capstone Teachers Only

Begin online scoring training


AP Capstone Teachers Only

Establish and communicate a firm deadline for students to submit final performance tasks to you, so that you are able to score all presentations by the April 30 deadline.

AP Seminar Teachers Only

Receive source materials from the College Board to help students complete the Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation for AP Seminar.

By April 30 at 11:59 p.m. ET

AP Research or AP Seminar

  • Score students' presentations.
  • Check the AP Digital Portfolio to confirm that students have submitted their written performance tasks as final by clicking the “Submit Final” button


  • Check the AP Digital Portfolio to confirm that students have submitted their written performance tasks as final by clicking the “Submit Final” button

Note: It is likely that there will be a higher volume of simultaneous submissions as the April 30, 11:59 p.m. ET deadline approaches, which means that it may take longer for student submissions to upload in the AP Digital Portfolio. So that your students don’t risk missing the deadline, strongly advise them to build extra time to prepare the upload and submit. Students should not wait until the last minute to upload their performance tasks as final.


  • Administration of end-of-course exam for AP Seminar and AP CSP.

Note: There is no end-of-course exam for AP Research.

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