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Important Updates

New Scholarship Opportunity
Students who earn the AP with WE Service Recognition may be eligible to apply for the AP with WE Service College Scholarship, made possible by The Allstate Foundation. This award recognizes exceptional students who have made a positive impact through their service learning project.

Learn more about the scholarship.

Incorporating Service Learning into all AP Courses

Imagine …

your AP Environmental Science students proposing a solution to reduce biodiversity loss.

your AP Human Geography students developing an action plan that addresses hunger in their community.

your AP Studio Art: 2-D Design students painting a mural to demonstrate their individual perspectives on man-made and natural environments.

AP already brings college-level learning into the high school classroom. Now, in partnership with educational partner WE, AP is bringing the classroom into the world.

AP with WE Service video courtesy of WE; watch it on Vimeo.
Read the AP with WE Service video transcript.

By combining the academic challenge and rigor of Advanced Placement® with WE’s education and citizenship model, AP with WE Service creates an opportunity for students to consider their classroom work and how it applies to the real world, while working closely with their peers to address social issues.

What Is Service Learning?

Service learning is an academic pedagogy distinct from volunteering or participating in community service. While service learning does involve performing service, it is based on a structured academic foundation. To learn more about the impacts of service learning, see At A Glance: What We Know about The Effects of Service-Learning on College Students, Faculty, Institutions and Communities, 1993-2000: Third Edition (.pdf/265KB) , a compilation of research by faculty at Vanderbilt University.

Students who participate in service learning within the WE framework apply their academic learning to real-life settings and situations by being active in meaningful community-based service. In addition, they work on problems that make academic learning relevant while enhancing their leadership and social skills, analytic ability, and civic responsibility.

By incorporating hands-on service-learning projects into AP courses, AP with WE Service empowers students to become leaders and agents of change.

Learn more about the program.

The greatest benefit of incorporating AP with WE Service in my classroom has been the leadership skills my students have gained."
—Dorsey Sammataro, AP Studio Art: 2D Design Teacher, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School​, Atlanta, GA

The College Board does not endorse or favor any particular issue, stance, or type of service over another.


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WE is an educational partner that delivers service-based learning programs for WE Schools in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Watch this video for more information.